By Kelsey Hilmes, A&E Editor

It was the announcement that left thousands of fans around the country saying, “I think I just blue myself.”

After seven years, the writers and cast of “Arrested Development” are reuniting to bring us a fourth season.

Scheduled to premiere exclusively on Netflix on May 26, the cult comedy will release all 15 new episodes at once, which will hopefully lead to a new movie.

“Arrested Development” follows the story of the once-wealthy Bluth family, who owns a home-building organization.

The wealth disappeared when the company was accused of the treasonous act of building model homes in Iraq.

Michael Bluth, the family’s only responsible member, takes over the company and tries to keep the family together.

When the third season wrapped up in 2006, the writers had no reservations about working their struggle to survive into the final episodes.

Plotlines about a “Save our Bluths” fundraiser warned fans of their upcoming demise.

Of course, we have to account for the prophetic words in the final episode that a movie producer shared with the character Maeby when she wanted to sell the rights to her family’s story. “No, I, uh … I don’t see it as a series. Maybe a movie.”

Since then, rumors of the show’s great return on the silver screen have been abundant, but no final plans for a feature film have been made.

For a while, we thought the character Kitty said “say goodbye to these, because it’s the last time you’ll be seeing them,” for the final time. Fortunately, we were given something even better. We got a brand new season.

Our beloved Bluths kept us waiting for seven years, but they’re not to blame. Since its end, all of the cast’s careers have exploded.

Michael Cera, who plays George-Michael Bluth, became a household name after his performances in “Juno,” “Superbad” and “Scott Pilgrim Versus the World.”

Jason Bateman, who plays Michael Bluth, also appeared in “Juno,” and most recently starred in the film “Horrible Bosses.”

Will Arnett, who plays Gob Bluth, starred in a number of his own sitcoms, including “Up All Night,” and has done voice work for films like “Ratatouille” and “Despicable Me.”

And Portia De Rossi, who plays Lindsay Bluth, has been doing Ellen.

It’s no wonder getting the family back together has taken this long with the cast members’ busy careers.

Even though all of the original characters are returning that hasn’t stopped skeptics from fearing for the show’s integrity.

Coming back after seven years presents lots of risks.

Viewers may not be happy to see where their favorite characters have ended up.

The Bluths may have changed too much, or perhaps worse, not at all. Transitioning back into the show is an illusion even Gob wouldn’t attempt.

Netflix has been particularly stingy in releasing clips of the new season. From what we can tell so far, Buster has picked up a secondhand smoking problem but still has his remaining hand intact after his most recent seal attack.

George Michael is now riding a Segway around like his Uncle Gob. Lucille Bluth, who was last seen stealing a ship in the world’s slowest police chase, is now under house arrest.

Most interestingly, it looks like the whole family is still packed into the crumbling model home, home-fills and all.

All rumors aside, our questions will be answered in less than a month. We will finally know what disturbing hijinks have plagued the Bluths over the years, if Maeby and George-Micheal escaped their family’s absurdity, if Lindsay and Tobias reconciled and if George and Lucille got any more offensive.

So far, the new season is looking solid as a rock. Bring the juice and this season is going to be off the hook. And I believe there was some mention of ice cream.

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