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Break-ins occur everywhere, and the Lutedome is no exception.

There have been a number of break-ins on Pacific Lutheran University’s campus in recent weeks, mostly in the Hauge Administration building but also in Olson Gymnasium and Ramstad Hall.

The first break-in occurred the night of Oct. 31 and the most recent Nov. 26. Campus Safety became aware of these incidents the day following each break-in.

“There were no forced entries,” Greg Premo, director of Campus Safety, said. “So we’re finding out about the break-ins the next day when faculty members come in to see items missing and desks rummaged through.”

Even though there were no forced entries, Premo said he does not believe the break-ins were done by someone affiliated with PLU.

“It could be a matter of not locking a door someone thought was locked, or someone is getting in when the building is unlocked and staying in,” Premo said.

Campus Safety officers assessed the scene Nov. 1 and called a forensics team to check for any latent fingerprints. Nothing was damaged, but the university did lose a few laptops.

There have been a total of six break-ins with the most recent one occurring Nov. 26 in Ramstad around 7 p.m.

Campus Safety has a suspect for these break-ins. She had been RFC’d (Restricted from Campus) in August for wandering through Olson Auditorium and the pool area.

A professor saw the suspect in Ramstad Nov. 26 around 7 p.m.

The professor contacted Campus Safety employees, who recognized her. The suspect is a white female with long brown hair, 27 years old, 4 foot 11 inches tall and 115 pounds.

“This description is not far from a typical college student,” Premo said, “so she blends in well.”

Campus Safety called the Sheriff’s Department and deputies arrested the suspect for trespassing.

The suspect had a screwdriver with her, the tool likely used to get into the offices in Hauge. She denied stealing anything but said she knew she was not allowed on campus.

Call Campus Safety if you see any suspicious activity on campus. For non-emergencies, call 253- 535-7441. For emergencies, call 253- 535-7911. ◼︎

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