Many students on campus use the university’s chapel break to do last minute homework, eat breakfast, or maybe even sneak in a quick nap before their next class. But a select few students attend chapel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Lagerquist Concert Hall.

If you do attend chapel, you can “expect the unexpected,” Rev. Dennis Sepper said, who has been PLU’s University Pastor since 1995. Chapel is intended to reflect the diversity on campus.

Rev. Dennis Sepper leads students, staff, and faculty in prayer during Friday's chapel service.
Rev. Dennis Sepper leads students, staff, and faculty in prayer during Friday’s chapel service.

During chapel, various students, faculty, and staff speak not only from a Christian context, but from a Muslim, Jewish, and even a Buddhist perspective as well. The music being played also varies. While the organ is featured prominently and the chapel choir sings regularly, the fiddle sometimes makes an appearance.

Chapel is meant to be a time for spiritual nourishment for everyone on campus, giving those who choose to attend a time to reflect upon their life for a half hour each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

While Campus Ministry organizes chapel, they also put on various programs during the year. Friday night, Campus Ministry hosted a Karaoke night in the Chris Knutzen Room in the Anderson University Center. If you are interested in singing in the chapel choir, there is no audition: just sign up before or after chapel.

If you are interested in learning more about Campus Ministry, visit their office in AUC 190 to see how you can get involved.

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