A variety of different clubs packed the Regency Room of the Anderson University Center during the Club Fair Nov. 7.

Club tables lined the walls of the Regency Room as representatives from each greeted the small number of students who attended the event. Students roamed around and listened to the information shared by members of each club and occasionally added their e-mails to the clubs’ sign-up sheets.

Student attendance was low, but clubs that attended ranged from science clubs and religion clubs, to entertainment clubs such as the Yu-gi-oh card game club and Karate club.

Among the assortment of clubs was the Queer Ally Student Union, or QASU. Junior Michael Cargill, a representative of the club, said QASU is “a club that focuses on Queer justice on campus. So that means you don’t have to identify a certain way to get involved.”

Cargill also said the club is about being passionate about Queer justice, regardless of whether you are a member of the LGBTQ community or an Ally. QASU held events during Gender Exploration Week, and it advertises for the Diversity Center.

Cargill also said QASU might be planning an event for the upcoming World AIDS Day. QASU meets once a week in the Diversity Center. To learn more about QASU, find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/162052093851764/.

Another club represented at the fair was InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. “Our club’s mission is to be the hands and feet of Jesus through genuine community, through loving and serving PLU and Parkland,” junior Emily Ames, a representative of InterVarsity, said. Ames also said everyone is always welcome to InterVarsity, and that the club likes to study Jesus.

The club members also focus on what it means to follow Jesus nowadays, and how to bring Jesus into the Pacific Lutheran University and Parkland community. Details about InterVaristy are on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/226043880790459/.

One of the scientific clubs at the fair was the PLU Chemistry Club. Senior Victoria Richmond, from the PLU Chemistry Club , explained what the chemistry club does around campus. Richmond said the club holds events that inform people about how chemistry plays a role in everyday life.

They club members cover topics such as how household cleaners work and how batteries work and can be be improved. The Chemistry Club also acts as an academic resource to students. The Chemistry Club can tutor students if they would like. Although they do not operate through the Academic Assistance Center, the members said they would be glad to help students with their chemistry woes.

The club fair offered good information about the clubs on campus, however, not very many students took advantage of it. ◼︎

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