By Thomas Horn, Guest Writer

Through all of the stunning visuals, the defined symbols and the incredible acting talent, “Gravity” has the potential to win best movie of 2013 at the Oscars.

The visual imagery revealed in “Gravity” is simply stunning. The characters observe Earth from a bird’s eye view, but a variety of objects also hurtle through space — aimed straight at the characters.

A quality that isn’t found in most movies is being able to have such specific details in the special effects. Earth comes across as a magnificent planet — the quality of the special effects gives the film a good chance of winning an Oscar.

There are multiple elements in “Gravity” that makes it stand out from similar movies such as “Apollo 13” or “Star Trek.” The movie has a form of a literary merit, featuring multiple symbols and themes. “Gravity” also only has two actors in the entire movie — George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.

While only having two actors in a movie could take away from the quality, this is not the case with “Gravity.” Instead, the limited cast actually adds to the movie.

This is because the audience gets to know the characters so much more in depth than if there were multiple actors in the film.

Viewers also get to focus on every single emotion that the two of them go through, especially Bullock’s character, Ryan Stone. She is the star of “Gravity.”

Ryan is a medical engineer who is conducting space shuttle operations with the help of an astronaut, George Clooney.  She is going through a rough part in her life as she journeys into space, as her daughter passed away at the age of four. The movie makes it clear Ryan hasn’t found her purpose in life.

As the film progresses, prayer is portrayed symbolically in a scene where Ryan is fearful for her life. She falls asleep in her space craft and has a dream where she bows her head and talks to herself about how she wants to live.

This particular scene had a theme of never losing hope, but the rest of the movie had other thematic moments about beauty and the significance of life.

One scene that represents the meaning and beauty of life is at the end of the movie when a frog gracefully swims through crystal clear water.

“Gravity” is no action-packed thriller, but it presents new ways of looking at life. Viewers need to pay attention to what’s going on to understand the conception of the film.

The film critic website Rotten Tomatoes gave “Gravity” a positive 97 percent rating, an unheard of score. The Seattle Times gave “Gravity” four out of four stars, which is outstanding as well.

For those looking for a drama film that involves some abstract thinking, “Gravity” is the perfect movie. This film is likely to win multiple awards at the Oscars — “Gravity” definitely deserves it.

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