By Rachel Diebel and Camille Adams

Impressions is an intriguing six-part dramedy surrounding the duplicity and discoveries of a group of college students who innocently attend an art show only to be unexpectedly pulled into a tangled web of deception and lies.

This is a great resume builder for theater students and a fun experience for everyone.  Last year’s hardworking cast built great friendships and had a wonderful time. The experienced director and writer are willing and excited to work with the  new cast. The filming schedule includes weekday evenings and select weekends.

There will be an open casting call for 2 male roles and 5 female roles.

Be sure to check out the sign-up sheet that is on the Mast TV door in Anderson University Center 174 and as always email any questions to

To get a taste of what the experience will be like here is a behind the scenes video from the filming of Outnumbered.

Make sure to watch Outnumbered here.

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