By Henry Smith, guest writer

In double overtime, sophomore Lauren Larson helped lead Pacific Lutheran University to a 1-1 tie against the University of Puget Sound on Saturday. The women’s soccer team has seen success this year, as they won 2-0 against Whittier on Sept. 8. The Lutes said they felt accomplished about holding off their cross-town rivals, University of Puget Sound.

“I felt our team was up to the task today,” Seth Spidahl, head coach, said. “We had a specific game plan that we worked on all week. The players really bought into it and kept their concentration for the entire 110 minutes.”

Kaylie Rozell slides into a Puget Sound player during their game on Sept. 14.
Kaylie Rozell slides into a Puget Sound player during their game on Sept. 14.

During the first half, Larson scored the first and only goal for the Lutes. Her shot sailed past the goalie from 30 yards out. The ball flew in the top corner, just out of reach of the UPS goalkeeper. The goal gave the Lutes their first home goal of the season.

The first home game of the year showed some promise because of the team’s plays on the field. “I think the most successful thing about this afternoon’s game was seeing the results of hard work in practice pay off,” junior Blake Warner said.

The Lutes’ goalkeepers, sophomore Marisa Gonzales and first- year Takara Mitsui, blocked nine shots from UPS. Referees penalized the Lutes five times in the first half, but pulled PLU pulled it together later in the game, giving up only one foul in the second half and two in double overtime.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Lutes have struggled to get shots on goal with only 60 through five games. Their opponents have tallied 80 shots on goal. First-year Kaylie Rozell  leads the Lutes with two goals.

“I think we need to continue to work on our quick transitions from defense to offense so we can score more goals this season,” Warner said.

Next week, the PLU women’s soccer team will be playing against Pacific Oregon University in Oregon. Their next home game will be Oct. 5 against Whitworth. ◼︎

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