By Evan Heringer, Guest Writer

There is an app for just about everything, and if you like movies or television shows, some of these can be pretty handy.

The website, Internet Movie Database, has created a free app that allows users to search for things like actors, movies, TV shows, plots and everything in between. The IMDb app also allows you to watch trailers for upcoming movies or TV shows, read and write reviews and even create a ‘watchlist’ where you can make a list of all the things you wish to watch.

The IMDb app is available for Android and iPhone operating systems. This app can broaden your movie and television horizons by providing you with a look at just about every movie and television show that has ever come into existence.

If you don’t care about who is in a movie and all you want to know is when and where a movie is showing, check out the Fandango app. Fandango allows the user to look at a movie’s showing time and location. Fandango can also tell you if a movie has been sold out, and, at participating theaters, will allow you to purchase tickets from your phone.

If you also want to browse and look at movies, you can read a brief plot summary and watch a movie trailer. Fandango also happens to be a free app that is available on Windows, Android and iPhone operating systems.

Once you get to the theater and purchase the movie tickets, you generally make your way over to the concession stand and purchase a soda and a healthy bucket of butter-soaked popcorn. You then get your seat, stuff your face with the nutritious snacks and become immersed in the movie.

Just as the movie is getting good and a plot twist is right around the corner, your bladder reminds you that it cant hold that 72-ounce drink you just downed.

Now you are faced with the decision of making your way to the restroom and risk missing something crucial, or holding it and risk wetting your pants. Well, there’s an app for that. RunPee is an app that will notify the user when it is “safe” to use the restroom, so you no longer have to fear missing a crucial scene.

When you walk into the theater, open RunPee and select the movie you are attending. Start the timer when the movie starts, and place your phone back into your pocket. Your phone will vibrate once it is “safe” to use the restroom, and RunPee will provide you with a detailed description of what you missed.

RunPee also provides a summary of the first 3 minutes of movies in case you are running a bit late, and it will tell you if there is extra footage during and after the credits.

Its quite the handy app and one that every moviegoer should have. So go ahead – order that large soda and chug it, because RunPee will make sure you don’t miss a thing.

It’s available for 99 cents for Android, iPhone and Window’s phones.Movies are made easy with apps like these. ◼︎

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