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Lutes perform the song “Masquerade” during Night of Musical Theatre last week. Photo by Alison Haywood.

By Tahnayee Clendinen, A&E Writer

There was “No Day But Today” for audiences to attend Night of Musical Theatre. The cast’s phenomenal work took place last Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Karen Hille Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Night of Musical Theatre was a collection of musical numbers derived from various popular musicals.

Some parts of the performance that did have a sub-story line really grabbed the attention of the audience.

One of the best numbers of the night was undoubtedly the cast’s rendition of “Big Spender” written by Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields for the 1966 musical “Sweet Charity.”

The actresses were dressed in a classical burlesque style.

The rendition was just enough to leave you wanting more, but not enough for you to feel as though you’ve already had it all.

The dance was reminiscent of the original “Sweet Charity” version, but it was no generic copy.

It was incredibly fun to sing along and watch the performers enjoy themselves on stage.

The most intense part of the night had to be during the song “Make Me Happy,” which left the audience captivated by a gripping love triangle.

A woman, who works as a Spanish tutor, falls in love with one of her students.

They are inevitably caught by the woman’s boyfriend. In a fit of passion, the boyfriend confronts the lovers later on in the show with a drawn handgun.

During a struggle for the gun, the lover is shot.

Even though it was clearly not a real shooting, the acting in addition to the singing was so heartfelt and sincere it was hard for viewers to grasp the fact that they were watching a play rather than an actual scene of life.

Every act in the play was performed as though it were the main one, making all of them seem equally important.

There were no awkward scene changes or lagging moments. The entire production was well rehearsed and put together.

All of the singers were adequately matched in talent and ability to perform.

Anyone who hasn’t attended a Pacific Lutheran performance should mark their calendars for the next time an act is scheduled. PLU’s performers do not disappoint.

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