By Samantha Lund

It is that thought you get whenever you see people tanning on Foss Field or see the hot guy or girl from class working out — I’m talking about sex.

You keep all of those dirty thoughts to yourself but don’t be ashamed. They are normal and Pacific Lutheran University has given students a place to talk openly about sexual thoughts.

Last week a group of open-minded individuals came together at a Sex Positive (Sex+) lecture to talk about sex.

There is no doubt in my mind that sexual education is important. I am not trying to be your mother and tell you about the benefits of using condoms or why abstinence is the only 100 percent effective form of birth control. But you should be educated for your own good.

Having good health and being careful should be a priority, and being comfortable in your own skin while knowing what you want is important. You can wear blue, black, green, red, purple or yellow condoms.

Heck, you could wear one that makes “it” look like it’s wearing a tux — yes, they really make those — but none of that will bring with it the level of comfort that comes from knowing what you want, what you are doing and how you feel.

Robyn Ochs, an LGBTQ+ activist, came to campus to talk about sex binaries Sept. 30. Her aim was to have every student in attendance understand that sexuality is not black and white, gay or straight, hetero or homo, but rather that it has shades of gray — maybe even 50 shades of gray.

Not only was the lecture original, but Ochs completely caught the attention of everyone in the room.

Everyone’s sexual journey is different. Robyn Ochs let the crowd know it was completely OK to have your own story. Students left feeling more comfortable with who they are because Sex+ lectures are a place where students can feel completely safe. Sex+ lectures bring students from all backgrounds together to talk about the one thing we all want to talk about — sex.

Let’s be honest, talking about sex brings automatic friendship. It’s enlightening to know that the people you see walking the halls everyday might just have the same dirty little questions you do. Once those are out, nothing is stopping you from being best friends.

The next Sex+ lecture is on abstinence. Yes, the art of actively doing nothing to another person. Hey, actively doing nothing can be hard. I know when I try to do nothing, I always end up playing Dots on my iPhone. All jokes aside, this lecture could be a stepping stone to understanding your sexuality better.

Even if you do not practice abstinence, it can increase understanding about the cute girl who lives down the hall that does practice it. Or maybe you will finally understand why you don’t practice abstinence other than just wanting to fit in.

The lecture, “You Don’t Have to Take Your Clothes Off,” is Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. in the Anderson University Center room 133. Even if you believe in taking your clothes off, you should still go.

Go and bring your opinions with you. Challenge the ideas, create conversation and create diversity. Open up a dialogue between you and your fellow students to bring brilliant ideas and opinions to the surface.

Everyone’s view is brilliant whether it is fully clothed or naked. Go show support for knowledge. Or show support for sex. Just go show your support, and please keep your clothes on in the process.


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