It’s available online, aired on TV and can be picked up and read in almost every building on campus. Student media plays a major role in the Pacific Lutheran University community and is gearing up for a successful year of production.   

Encompassed within the student media title is a variety of media outlet organizations, but connecting them all is the University Student Media Board (USMB).

“It’s kind of the platform, or spider web that holds student media together,” Sam Hosman, chair of USMB, said. “It’s a really good group of people and student leaders.”

All student media organizations are student run, although some have staff advisers. This year, student media aims to have a strong presence across campus and provide a valuable experience for students who choose to be involved.

“Student media is a great learning opportunity for students,” Hosman said. “Not only do they learn within their own individual organizations, but they are also able to impact the whole campus.”

Among student media organizations is Saxifrage, PLU’s annual literary and art magazine. Much more than just a publishing outlet, Saxifrage creates opportunities, events, musical performances, workshops and multimedia extravaganzas for artists and writers.

Melanie Herring, a co-editor of Saxifrage, said that “this year, Saxifrage is working to strengthen the community of extra-curricular as well as career-driven artists by allowing ample opportunities for them to get involved through events that showcase their art and connect them with equally creative peers.”

Submissions to the magazine can be anything from short stories, to photos, to musical scores and are judged by members of the PLU community.

“We’re going to be the people who help artists get together and meet one another,” Chris Mahon, another co-editor of Saxifrage, said. “We’re going to be giving them chances throughout the year to have an audience for their work.”

To keep updated with Saxifrage, visit its website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

The Matrix is PLU’s journal of social justice, created to help student voices surrounding important topics to be heard. It works to start valuable conversation and unite scattered dialogue into one central magazine.

All students and viewpoints are accepted, and The Matrix encourages students to submit their work. Many types of submissions are welcome, including poetry, essays, artwork, photography, song lyrics and comics.

There will be an interest meeting for The Matrix on Sept. 18 from 7-7:30 p.m. in the lower grey area of the Anderson University Center (AUC). Learn more on its website.

Unlike the printed Saxifrage and The Matrix, LASR is a radio station. Any student can join and start his or her own radio show, regardless of his or her major.

“LASR is seeking to create a space where you can share your music with a cool community of DJs and with the entire campus,” Olivia Ash, general manager of LASR, said.

Anyone and everyone can apply. To get more information, visit LASR’s website.

The Mooring Mast is PLU’s weekly, award-winning newspaper.  The primary role of The Mooring Mast is to discover, report and distribute information about important issues, events and trends that impact the PLU community.

The staff publishes new issues every Friday and uploads new content to the website on a daily basis.

Interested writers and contributors can join The Mooring Mast at any time throughout the year. They may choose to write for news, arts and entertainment, business, opinion or sports. Photographer positions are also available.

Mast TV, the student television station, partners with The Mooring Mast by producing video components for written pieces. Alongside these videos, interested students can start their own video productions or take part in Mast TV’s weekly live news broadcast, News @ Nine.

Meetings for The Mooring Mast and Mast TV are held every Monday at 8 p.m. in the Mast office in the lower AUC 172. Students can attend a meeting, visit the Mast Media site or email or for more information.

Now is the time to get involved, make an impact and most importantly, have fun. Student Media welcomes you, Lutes.

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