By Tahlia Terhune

I have continuously been told to set work aside during college if possible. I’ve heard claims such as “you’ll do better in school if you don’t have other priorities,” or “you’ll push yourself too hard.”

But I have grown to love the fact that I am a working student and would encourage anyone else to be as well.

People who are not willing to accept the challenge of being a working student are buying into the myth that students who work cannot focus as well on school.

To be a working student means you need to have a strong sense of time management. Once you can learn to delegate your time, prioritizing your life becomes much simpler. It seems to me that the more I take on, the better my organizational skills become.

Not only will you gain time management skills, but your free time will become much more valuable to you. Soon you will find yourself using free time for activities and tasks you truly enjoy rather than being glued to Netflix.

Many people work because they have to pay bills and help contribute to tuition, but for others it can be a choice. Nobody wants to be the college student with 10 dollars to spare. Being able to generate your own income gives you a great sense of responsibility and pride.

It will give you experience in the real world and help you feel accomplished. Plus you won’t have to beg your parents for some extra money on your gas card.

Some might be hesitant about taking on so much or will ask why they shouldn’t just wait until later in life to work. We need to be pushing ourselves to the limits while we are young and youthful.

As privileged students, we have a vast amount of opportunities laying at our feet that will no longer be there once we are thrown into the real world. Seize the opportunities we have, because now is the time we can handle it.

The opportunities for jobs you can explore are endless. Jobs don’t necessarily even have to be something you are paid to do. If you find a volunteer position that you desire, go for it.

You will still gain a sense of responsibility and learn to manage your time. On-campus work is another option where Pacific Lutheran University does a fantastic job providing opportunities for students to be employed. Of course you always have the option to work off campus as well.

I would encourage anyone to consider working while in school. You will find an improved sense of time and be able to show a record of past achievements outside of school.

As PLU students we are lucky to be in the position of boundless opportunities. Take every one you can. Chances like these may not be available later on in life. ◼︎

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