By Una Haave, Guest Writer

In the hopes of teaching Pacific Lutheran University students about Latin dance and culture, Latinos Unidos, a Latino cultural club, organized a salsa night in the Cave Nov. 8.

Junior Dominic Napat, an L.U. club member, coordinated the event. “I wanted to create a space for students to have fun and learn how to dance,” Napat said. “Also, I wanted to create a space for students who already know how to dance to practice and get to know other people.”

L.U. is dedicated to teaching students about Latin culture and issues. One way the club members do this is through dance. “We learn different types of Latin dancing, like bachata, merengue, cumbia and a wide range of dances,” Napat said.

Students do not need to be a member of L.U. nor do they need dance experience to attend L.U.’s events. Both beginners and experienced dancers attended salsa night.

“We’re all here for one reason and that is to dance and listen to really cool music and be together as a community,” first-year student Victoria Rivera said. Rivera was one of those with more experience as a  former ballroom dancer.

“I wanted to get better at dancing and hang out with friends,” junior Jasmine Lucero said. “I like how you’re able to be more open and see people that you don’t normally see all the time.”

People with a diversity of backgrounds attended. Lucero, who said she has Hispanic roots herself, explained that she had met a student from Norway, as well as students from other backgrounds at the event.

“Not all students who are interested in Latin culture are Latino. I think there is a large group of students who express interest in Latino culture and dance,” Napat said. He encouraged all PLU students interested in Latin culture to attend L.U.’s events in the future.

“We would like people to come, regardless of ethnicity,” first-year Christian Garcia said.

After an hour of non-stop, high-paced salsa dancing, the night finished off with a round of Limbo. Everyone got a turn to attempt to walk under the limbo bar with their backs facing the floor.

Every other Friday night, L.U. organizes similar events. “I’m looking forward to going to some of their future events,” Garcia said.

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