Welcome to the new school year, Lutes. Whether it’s your first time on campus or you’re anticipating graduation this year, everyone is excited to have you on campus. Here at The Mooring Mast, we’ve been making some big changes. The biggest one you’ll notice is this, our website. Some colleagues at The Mast and I have been working all summer putting together a website we think you’ll love and use.

These changes were part of a reassessment of how The Mast produces content. Even though we’re a weekly paper, we don’t live in a world where the news happens on a weekly basis. The news is happening every second of every day, and this new website is helping us adapt to that system.

The updated website gives us the flexibility to add a lot of cool things to our coverage. From our site, you can find a weather forecast, our latest stories and archives of The Mast going back to 1924. We can also expand our coverage to include things the paper hasn’t in the past, such as lifestyle stories, and we can share video, photos and text like never before.

We’ve put in a lot of hours to update everything about the way we bring you the campus news, but we still need your help. We asked ourselves, “what do Lutes need to know every day?” and we tried to guess how you would answer that question. We need to know if we got it right. So visit the website, check out what’s new and tell us your thoughts by commenting on the stories you’d like to see more of.

Welcome to the new school year, and welcome to the new Mast Media.

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