By Kellen Westering, Guest Writer

Zombies flooded Olson Auditorium Monday as Lutefit presented, “Zombie Zumba.” More than 50 students attended,dressed in creative costumes such as a blood dripping axe murderer and Buzz Lightyear.

Photo Oct 28, 9 32 43 PM
Lutes gathered in Olson Oct. 28 for LuteFit’s Halloween themed event, Zombie Zumba.

Zombie Zumba encompassed exercising through both Zumba, a fitness program that incorporates elements from various styles of dance, and the celebration of Halloween.

“I had such a great time,” junior Bethany Auld said. “ I love to share my passion at the same time as creating a healthy environment to exercise while having fun.” Auld teaches a Zumba class for Pacific Lutheran students every Monday night.

“When I heard there was going to be Zombie Zumba, I got really excited,” Auld said. “I’m very glad Lutefit put this event on.”

LuteFit is a PLU organization that promotes exercise. Susan Westering, a member of the Lutefit committee, said LuteFit promotes a climate of wellness in which students, staff and faculty may become more engaged in healthy behaviors.

In the spring, LuteFit puts on the Color Run. Zombie Zumba was LuteFit’s fall event.

Zumba instructors Kristyn Dahl and Mandy Huetten led the charge.

The Lutefit committee recruited them to come and put on this event. They have been featured on “Evening Magazine” and voted the Best of Western Washington in Fitness Instruction.

“PLU was very energetic and a lot of the students really got into it,” Dahl said. “It made for a fun atmosphere.”

The zombies danced for 40 minutes straight. Up-tempo music blasted wall to wall in Olson Auditorium. But there was only one way to end the night. The final song consisted of all 40 zombies dancing in unison to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

The zombies were in full effect and in their natural habitat. “Finishing with the song ‘Thriller’ was the best possible way to end the night,” Westering said. “It fit perfectly, and every student was in character.”

After the “Thriller” finale, it was time for the awards. Director of Academic Advising Hal De La Rosby, who was the MC for night, announced the winners of the costume contest. A student who wore a red tutu with blood markings everywhere won the award for scariest costume.

A Clark Kent won best costume by wearing a revealing Superman shirt that showed off his abs.

“The costumes were very entertaining to see,” Dahl said. “Watching the students do Zumba in the costumes was priceless.”

Despite the fun students had dressing up in crazy costumes, Auld said her favorite part was being able to do Zumba with her friends. “Seeing everyone who came to the class engage with the instructors, shaking and having a blast was a memory I’ll never forget,” Auld said.

Westering said her favorite part was the grand finale. “Seeing everyone dress up in costume was really fun, and then ending with all of us doing “Thriller” was great,” she said.

Auld said she thought the event was fun and worth doing again next year, but would like to see more people attend in the future.
“I think that if we advertise for the event more and bigger, then the turnout would’ve been greater,” she said.

Once the clock struck 10 the zombies crept their way out of Olson Auditorium into the spooky fog of Parkland.


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