By Tahnayee Clendinen, A&E Writer

For any student that likes to venture off Pacific Lutheran’s campus to explore what Garfield Street has to offer, 208 Garfield is a great example of what the best of Parkland can be. Students who venture into this splendid little cafe are greeted with an experience that is completely different than the scene on campus.

208 Garfield is located next to Garfield Book Company. It is owned and operated by PLU.
208 Garfield is located next to Garfield Book Company. It is owned and operated by PLU.

Walking in to 208, customers are immediately greeted by warm smiles from the front counter staff. The dim lights inside the cafe complement the flood of natural light coming in from the large windows that surround most of the intimate space.

“The atmosphere here is different, but good,” sophomore Julia Carvalho said. “Plus if I need something, the bookstore is right there.”

In addition to the atmosphere, students also flock to 208 and bypass the other local eateries because of the food it offers.

“Sometimes I’ll go to other places,” senior Jessica Carvalho said. “But honestly the food and coffee is just better here.”

The sweet aroma of coffee and toasted breads and pastries waft through the air, making for an appetite that you may not have had when you first walked in.

“I always just come in for a coffee,” community member Ashley Higgins said, “and always end up leaving with a scone or something.”

208 is a far cry from the noise that is so characteristic of the Anderson University Center. Customers speak in audible but hushed tones, so as not to disturb others around them.

This quiet but lively environment is the reason why many students choose 208 to be the backdrop of their studying. That and the fact that 208’s location offers convenience as well.

“I love the Nutella panini that they have,” first-year Savannah Creer said. “It is gooey, chocolaty goodness.”

Not only will students find a few fellow Lutes at 208, they may also meet a wide variety of community members who frequent the cafe. The environment, with the addition of college students, gives the relatively young cafe a nostalgic feeling for its older patrons.

“I’m an alum from way back in the day,” PLU alum Genn Harborman said. “Even though it’s been years, I still like to come visit the school, and when this shop popped up, it reminded me of the old days, studying and hanging out.”

Whether it is the food, atmosphere or nostalgic feeling it gives PLU’s alums, 208 Garfield has quickly become a mainstay in the minds and stomachs of students and community members alike.

“If you haven’t been to 208 Garfield yet, next time you want coffee or something, go there,” Creer said. “You can’t go wrong with anything at 208.”


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