By Tahnayee Clendinen, A&E Writer

Society often equates the college experience with living in dorms, sharing everything from a room and bathrooms to seating in the Anderson University Center. It is important to remember, however, that this is only one kind of college experience.

Commuting to school is more often than not a reality for many college students. According to the Pacific Lutheran University website, 54 percent of students who attend PLU commute.

Commuter students face their own problems.

“It gets really hard when there are especially long gaps between classes,” first-year DeSeila Scott said. “There is nowhere to go, nothing to do and no place to nap.”

The Cave and the Kreidler Commuter Lounge operate from 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. They are supposed to be the commuter and transfer student havens, however, they offer no support to those who have late meetings or practices.

“A 24-hour commuter lounge area with a full kitchen, microwave and nice comfy couches for taking naps would be really great” said sophomore Courtney Randall.

The most common complaints among commuter students were the issues of involvement and dining.

“It is really hard to get involved because almost all the events are held here at night,” first-year Emi Smith said. “Not to mention everyone already has their friend cliques from orientation or whatever, so it is super hard to make friends.”

“Oh yeah, it also sucks not to have a dining plan, because it is ridiculous to pay $15 for dinner,” Randall said. “Customized meal plans would be really nice.” ◼︎

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