Drug policy violation- Campus Safety was asked to assist a community assistant in Kreidler Hall March 7 when the CA detected the scent of marijuana. Campus Safety and the CA contacted the student in the room where the smell was coming from and the student led a search of the room. Campus Safety discovered two sandwich bags filled with a small amount of marijuana. Campus Safety reported the incident to SRR (Student’s Rights and Responsibilities) for review.

Vehicle Theft- A student reported his vehicle was stolen March 10 on Yakima Avenue South along the golf fence line parking near South Hall. The vehicle was taken overnight, and there was no conclusive video footage of the incident. The Sheriff’s Department was contacted to file a report.

Theft- A PLU employee reported that she found a black male rummaging through her purse in her Columbia Center office March 10. When she confronted the man, he ran away with her debit and credit cards. Campus Safety and the Sheriff’s Department searched for the suspect but were unable to find him.

Burglary- A PLU faculty member reported her PLU-issued laptop had been stolen out of her Ingram office March 10. She had left her office for a moment with the door partially open. At the same time, a student reported seeing a suspicious person in Ingram, which later matched the description from the thief in the Columbia Center. The Sheriff’s Department has been advised on this individual.

Vehicle Prowling- Two events of vehicle prowling occurred March 12, both reported around 10 a.m. One occurred near the library and other near the golf course.
—Library: A PLU Parking Department reported a broken rear-passenger window in the library’s parking lot. The car belongs to a PLU student, and the student reported a gym bag and GPS stolen. The student was referred to the Sheriff’s Office, and Campus Safety video officers discovered a suspect.
—Golf Course: A student reported his car window had been broken into. His car had been parked near South Hall along the golf course’s gate. He said his car radio and iPod were stolen. Campus Safety reviewed video footage and discovered the theft occurred between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. The student was referred to the Sheriff’s Department.

Theft- Campus Safety was contacted for a theft-in-progress at Old Main Market March 13. Keithley Middle School students had stolen some food items from the market. The Sheriff’s Department cited the students and released them into the custody of their parents. Keithley Middle School was informed and the students were RFC’d (Restricted from Campus).

Theft- A student reported his bike had been stolen from the Anderson University Center March 13. Campus Safety reviewed video footage and discovered a possible suspect, but there was no identifiable information about the individual. The Sheriff’s Office was contacted.

Informational- A community member contacted Campus Safety March 13 to report a possible burglary in progress at Facilities Management. It was discovered the suspicious individual was actually a facilities employee.

General Policy Violation- While on patrol last Friday, Campus Safety Officers observed a group of individuals walking through the Harstad parking lot. One individual stopped and began urinating in public. The officers made contact with the student, who was also smoking a cigarette. The student did not know the tobacco policy extended to the parking lots and apologized for urinating. The incident was forwarded to SRR.

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