Campus Safety helped Information and Technology Services remove a computer from Ramstad Hall March 24. The computer was removed from an office because of a possible security issue.

Drug policy violation
A Kreidler Community Assistant (CA) called Campus Safety because he or she had smelled marijuana March 24. Campus Safety and the CA knocked on the door where the smell was coming from, but there was no answer.
The CA and Campus Safety entered the room to see the resident was not in his or her room. They found several cigarette butts and a small amount of marijuana in plain sight. The incident was forwarded to Student’s Rights and Responsibilities.

Campus Safety was contacted about the possible theft of two bicycle wheels near Mary Baker Russell last Friday morning. A PLU staff member said they had seen the bike attached to a bike rack near MBR with both wheels gone. There was no PLU bike registration tag so the owner is unknown, and the question remains if there was ever a theft at all.

A student contacted Campus Safety March 25 to report someone had possibly entered her South Hall apartment when she was away. The student said her roommates were gone for Spring Break and she was living in the apartment alone.
When she left the apartment, the student’s door was open and her roommates’ doors were shut and locked. When the student returned to the apartment, she discovered her door locked and her roommates’ doors open. There was a desk and trash can moved in her room, but nothing taken.
The student said a couple of power outlets were not working, so perhaps Facilities had come by. Campus Safety checked with Facilities, however, keep said it had not gone into the room. No further action had been taken by Campus Safety.

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