A student whose laptop had been stolen from Mortvedt Library contacted Campus Safety March 31. She said she had left her laptop on a table when she went to the restroom, and when she came back it was gone.

Campus Safety officers reviewed video footage and searched the library with no success. The officers forwarded the report to the Sheriff’s Department.

A Tingelstad resident reported to Campus Safety saying his laptop had been taken from his room. He said it went missing between April 2-3.
The resident didn’t have any idea as to who could have taken it and filed a report with the Sheriff’s Department.

Alcohol Policy Violation
Campus Safety officers responded to a call from library staff on reports of an intoxicated student last Friday evening. The student left the library before Campus Safety officers arrived, but they located the student walking through the East Hauge Parking lot and getting into his car parked on the street.

Campus Safety made contact with the student, who was clearly intoxicated. The student said he had been drinking off campus and was going to sleep in his car, assuring officers he did not have his car keys.

Later that evening, the student was seen on video surveillance driving off. Campus Safety officers notified the Sheriff’s Department of the possible DUI situation and they reported the incident to Student’s Rights and Responsibilities (SRR).

General Policy Violation
Around 4 a.m. last Saturday, Campus Safety received an escort request from two students who wanted to be dropped off at on off-campus address. Campus Safety officers knew there was a party going on in that block and informed the students calling that using the Escort Program for transport to parties was a violation of policy.

The students said they understood and an escort picked them up. The students were dropped off at the address they asked for but the officers immediately spotted them walking to the house where the party was taking place. Campus Safety reported the incident to SRR.

General Policy Violation-
Around midnight last Saturday, two students requested an escort from an off-campus house to the Haven Tavern. The officer informed the students that it was against escort policy to transport students to taverns.

The students called back and requested a ride to the Neeb Center, which the officer denied since the Neeb Center was closed.

The students called a little while later, requesting a ride to Tingelstad, which was granted. The escort officers took the two students to Tingelstad, but didn’t see them enter the building. The officers then drove to the Haven Tavern and witnessed the two students inside. The incident was reported to SRR.

A student reported her father’s Honda Accord had been vandalized last Sunday afternoon in the South Hall parking lot. There is no suspect at this time, but the student said she would report the incident to the Sheriff’s Department.

Drug Policy Violation
Campus Safety officers responded to assist the on-duty Community Assistant in Kreidler with the investigation of a marijuana odor. The men’s restroom and the area outside one of the rooms smelled of marijuana.

Officers contacted the student in that room, who admitted to smoking marijuana off campus. He cooperated with a room search, and officers located no marijuana. The officers forwarded the details of the incident to SRR. ◼︎

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