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There were five crime-related occurrences this week on campus. They took place at Ordal Hall, Harstad Hall, Tingelstad Hall, South Hall and Mortvedt Library.

Alcohol and Drug Policy Violation

Campus Safety officers detected the smell of marijuana coming from a resident’s room in Tingelstad Hall April 24 in the evening. Because of the strong smell, officers conducted a wellness check of the room and discovered alcohol and narcotics in plain view.
When the student returned, he or she admitted to possession of the narcotics. Campus Safety forwarded the incident to Student’s Rights and Responsibilities (SRR) for review.

Alcohol Policy Violation

Campus Safety discovered a duffel bag and a purse filled with alcohol in Mortvedt Library room 209 in the early morning April 25. Campus Safety officers found the alcohol when checking for identification in the bags. The officers disposed of the alcohol and placed the remaining items in the bags in lost and found.


A student notifed Campus Safety of a burglary in Ordal Hall Sunday at midnight. The student said she had left the window open on the ground floor of her room, and when she came back, she saw the window screen removed and her purse missing. There is no suspect at this time.


A student called Campus Safety Monday morning about a possible breaking and entering in her Harstad Hall room. The student had been gone for several days and discovered her room’s door handle stuck but with the deadbolt secured when she returned.
A note from a campus engineer indicated he had entered the room for repairs while the student was away, but the student suspects someone else entered her room without her consent. There is no suspect at this time.

General Policy Violation

A South Hall resident and her guest were using a charcoal grill outside of their window last Sunday around 6 p.m. Campus Safety contacted them, telling both it is a general violation policy to use a grill. The non-student had brought the grill and Campus Safety advised him or her to remove the grill from campus. Campus Safety forwarded the incident to SRR for review.


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