By Kristin Hayes, Matrix Contributor

Of the five classified Romantic languages
We have five translations of feminism.
Our blossoming evolution into third wave feminism
Is that of intersectionality
And challenging the veil
Of sisterhood.
The metaphor of these five translations is an embodiment of
Telling the truth.
Where the organization of letters will vary
But the root of the word remains.
I always and continuously ask myself
What it means to be an advocate of feminism.
And how it is defined in theory
Versus practice.
It is how we use our language that will set us free.
It is when we understand the root of a word
The soul of our speech
And the authenticity of our actions.

The first step,
Understanding the power of our tongue.

When I analyze the translations of feminism
I am pleasantly surprised with the simplicity.
With each addition or elimination of a letter,
I understand how feminism is contextual
While eloquently illuminates a universal compassion.
The revolution of feminism requires a human evolution.
It is a vision
A springboard for inspiration
Too often abused and misused.
I advocate feminism because I believe our misunderstandings
And battles for power
Can be healed with the kindness of our words.
I am an activist for social justice.
I believe in women.
I believe in men.
I believe in feminism


Kristin Hayes is a senior at Pacific Lutheran University. She contributed to The Matrix in Spring 2014. ◼︎

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