After more than a year of waiting, Pacific Lutheran University students, faculty and the Parkland community will finally see the fruits of the construction on the corner of Garfield and C streets.

The finished complex, called Garfield Station, will house 104 apartments, several stores and retail spaces, as well as the PLU Marriage and Family Therapy program and Human Resources department.

Both Affinity Real Estate Developers and Robert Kautzman from Korsmo Construction estimate the Station will open sometime in late August or early September.

Originally, Kautzman and the developers hoped Garfield Station would open in August. But Kautzman said the project has been “a bit of a roller coaster,” the main hurdle being the cold snap that struck in February, right as workers were trying to pour concrete for the retail center’s floors.

The pleasant weather recently has the construction team optimistic about completing on time.

Affinity will be opening a pre-lease office on the second floor of the Garfield Book Company to answer questions anyone might have about apartment rentals. The apartments will be open to the public, and the criteria for renting will be available once the office opens.

The office is set to open in mid-May. Rent for the apartments starts at $825 per month, and the amenities include a 24-hour fitness center, media room and free wireless internet.

As of now, there are no leases for the retail space in Garfield Station. However, Melissa Sevy, Affinity’s director of operations, said Affinity is trying to find shops and services that will benefit the community as a whole and fit into the location.

“We know that the community is really looking for local shops to keep with the feel of Garfield, so we are keeping that in mind,” Sevy said. “We’re listening to what the community wants.”

Though nothing is set in stone, Sevy reported the office has had some interest from tax and accounting services as well as fast food establishments, but the office has also heard from PLU students that Garfield could use a sushi restaurant.

To find out more, including the different amenities, floor plans for the building and individual units, or to request more information, click here. ◼︎

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