by Brooke Wolfe, Guest Writer

Students will be celebrating their first holiday of the year at Pacific Lutheran University by dressing up, going out and staying in.
This year, Halloween lands on a Friday and students are gearing up for a weekend full of events on and around campus. Parties, school sponsored get-togethers, and fall favorites like pumpkin patches and corn mazes will bring costumed Lutes out and about.
Students will fill the roads, trekking to the closest houses for themed parties.

“It’s the holiday where anything is acceptable,” sophomore Patrick Thomas said. “It was fun last year, and it should be the same this time.”
Recently, Campus Safety sent all students an email reminding them that the consumption of alcohol in any form is not allowed on the PLU campus, regardless of the individuals legal age, except in Kreidler and South Halls. Off-campus parties are encouraged to serve non-alcoholic beverages and practice Active Bystanders conduct.
Even with the warnings, Lutes expect off-campus parties to have drinking games, liquor and crazy costumes. Campus Safety is not oblivious; they expect it as well.

In order to get ready for the busy weekend, outfit planning has been become a top priority on student’s checklists. Costumes ranging from firefighters to movie personalities are waiting in closets across campus.
Couple costumes are leading the way in popularity, and picking a close friend or partner to collaborate with starts the decision process in the right direction. Students are taking to thrift shops with a tight budget and imagination to make some creative costumes for the weekend.
With the freedom of new identities, and plenty of alcohol, no one is sure when this year’s Hallow-week will end. Traditionally, Halloween at PLU has consisted of a full three days: Thursday, Friday and through Saturday. However, the date for this year’s Halloween has students partying on back-to-back weekends.

Other students travel off-campus and out of Parkland for the weekend. Some will travel to Western Washington University and Washington State University in search of a good time with friends. Going to the larger universities nearby gives Lutes the chance to meet up with old friends and make new ones. PLU is a mostly dry campus, and some students are not going to take the risk.

Nearby haunted houses and corn mazes have also been in the running for student Halloween plans. With no costume needed for attendance, students wanting to get involved in festivities but not wanting to dress up in order to do so, have found fun in these choices.
Along with the perks of getting to kick back in sweats, most businesses offer student discounts on Halloween for the college student budget.
Activities gaining attention on campus include Pflueger Pfright Night and Hinderlie’s Annual Haunted House. Both are happening tonight in their residence halls, and have encouraged students to celebrate the together.

“I’m going to the Pfright Night because it’s free and I don’t have to stay out late to attend,” first-year Jesse Kenduck said.
With Halloween comes the fun of crafting, costuming and enjoying the spook. Regardless of the choice in activity, Hallow-weekend is expected to have many Lutes celebrating and showing their holiday spirit.
For more information about Halloween at PLU, students can check out the PLU website for a list of Halloween events. ◼︎

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