Michael Diambri, A&E Writer

Once Upon a Time
ABC: Sundays
The fourth season of “Once Upon a Time” may have a “Frozen” storyline, but this show is red hot. The storyline is truly gripping and addictive. This fairytale-based show can cast its spell on almost anyone. Its growing fan base and various entertaining plot lines make it the hot show to watch this fall. The first three seasons of “Once Upon a Time” are available on Netflix for anyone who needs to play catch up.

How to Get Away With Murder
NBC: Thursdays
“How to Get Away with Murder” is not recommended for background noise during studying. This show will grab your attention and won’t let it go. Viola Davis shows us exactly the acting powerhouse she has built herself up to be. “How to Get Away with Murder” is this fall’s best new show. It is sexy, suspenseful and has potential to be one of ABC’s best. Will this hot newbie keep its magical charm? I certainly hope so.


Modern Family
ABC: Wednesdays
After tying the Primetime Emmy record set by “Frasier” for most Outstanding Comedy Series wins, “Modern Family” is starting its sixth season on a high note with great ratings. Personally, I’m ecstatic that Alex Dunphy is a senior in high school. Maybe this means the weakest character on “Modern Family” could be in her last season. Despite my issues with the show’s worst persona, “Modern Family” still manages to make audiences laugh in its sixth season. The only question about this show must be: can any show finally beat “Modern Family” for the Emmy?


The Mindy Project
Fox: Wednesdays
As Mindy Kailing portrays the ever-adorable Dr. Mindy Lahiri, she grants audiences with decent laughs and heart-warming moments. Ratings are down for “The Mindy Project” and many critics believe that the show won’t be seeing a fourth season. Viewers have enjoyed following Mindy on her search for the perfect rom-com ending. Personally, I strongly suggest that you all give “The Mindy Project” a shot. Once you start watching it, you might end up getting hooked to the program as you watch Dr. Lahiri on her crazy, quirky, goofy search to have it all.


A to Z
NBC: Thursdays
To be perfectly honest, I had beyond horrible expectations for “A to Z.” Although it was not overwhelmingly funny, there are many interesting aspects to the show. The main characters attempt to connect with viewers in the same way the lovable cast of “How I Met Your Mother” did. The premiere has a lot of potential but it didn’t leave me with strong feelings of either enjoyment or dislike.


The Voice
NBC: Mondays and Tuesdays
As season seven of “The Voice” gets on its way, it seems clear that people are not drawn to new judges Pharell Williams and Gwen Stefani. Somehow “The Voice” continues to bring in big numbers in key demographics, although dramatically reduced from past seasons. People are starting to figure out that “The Voice” is basically a promotion of its judge’s careers and not of its contestants. Adam Levine has had six Maroon 5 songs reach the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 since the start of the Voice four years ago. Of Levine’s mentees — zero. Seriously, have you heard anything from Jermaine Paul or Tessanne Chin? Let’s face it, “The Voice” has peaked. It is no longer the innovative and original show it used to be.

Red Band Society
Fox: Wednesdays
Despite its unrealistic and predictable story line, “Red Band Society” might appeal to individuals who would love to see “Glee,” “The Fault in Our Stars,” and “Grey’s Anatomy” morphed into a grand spectacle of teenage problems. Octavia Spencer is great as always, but the rest of the cast is sub-par. To paraphrase “Bridesmaids,” I’ve seen better acting in a tampon commercial. “Red Band Society” is doomed.

ABC: Tuesdays
Side effects of watching “Selfie” include: experiencing physical pain and severe cringing; loss of ability to laugh; spontaneous urges to perform acts of violence against televisions; and a desire to flee into the wilderness and no longer be a part of society. ◼︎

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