by Brooke Wolfe, Guest Writer

Lower campus is known as a home to the “jocks” of Pacific Lutheran University, where partiers live and are looking for more fun than education.
The lower end of campus stretches across Morken to the Anderson University Center. Lower campus include resident halls Tingelstad, Pflueger and Foss.

John Morsch in his Football uniform. Photo courtesy of John Morsch.
John Morsch in his Football uniform. Photo courtesy of John Morsch.

First-year John Morasch is an intended business major and a member of the PLU football team living in Tinglestad this year. Morasch cares about his education and all the friends he has made while living there.
Morasch enjoys being on the PLU team, he likes to play pingpong and on Sundays he sits with friends and watches Seahawks games.
Morasch decided to live in Tinglestad because of its location and number of people who call it home. Tinglestad is also convenient because it is close to the gym and the field where he practices.
Morasch describes his hall as lots of fun and easy to meet new people. With seven floors of residents stacked up, there are ample activities and students to meet.
“I like to just wander around and ask what’s up” Morasch said, because there is always something going on.
Tinglestad is home to many football players, so when Morasch comes home he is surrounded by teammates. On weeknights, he is usually seen playing video games, hanging out with his friends and listening to music, until quiet hours of course.
Morasch is originally from Kent, Wash., where he attended Kent Lake High School. Morasch decided to make PLU his home because of the small campus and close community he saw here.
PLU also gave Morasch the chance to play football in college, which is what he wanted to be involved in. Morasch started playing football when he turned six and hasn’t stopped since. Morasch is a wide receiver for the team, which is currently 3-2 for the season.
Right now, Morasch is focused on his business program classes and is planning to major in business with an emphasis in finance.
Morasch is hoping to become a financial consultant after graduating. His favorite class currently is Business 201: Value Creation in the Global Environment.
Along with his business classes, Morasch is fulfilling general education requirements and has found value in his professors so far. Morasch likes to study on the top floor of Morken on the couches. For Morasch, that study space is another attraction to lower campus.
Within the first two months of school, Morasch has had the chance to get to know his new team and new home. Even though football season will end, Morasch will remain part of his team. Whether he lives on lower or upper campus, his friends are what is really important ◼︎

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