By Brooke Thames, Guest Writer

“Women, Leadership and Vocation” is a three-event workshop series centered on topics related to leadership, vocation and how women in particular approach certain issues.

The series is presented by The Wild Hope Center for Vocation, Career Connections and The Women’s Center.

The first event on Oct. 6 will focus on success and failure. The second event, highlighting conflict, will be held Nov. 17. The series concludes with a discussion about vulnerability March 2.

An extension of the Wild Hope Project, The Wild Hope Center for Vocation was founded in 2011 and works to enrich Pacific Lutheran University students’ exploration of vocation. Lynn Hunnicut, the director, described vocation as central to PLU’s mission.

Each academic year, The Wild Hope Center organizes a variety of workshops for students. This year’s “Women, Leadership and Vocation” series is one of the many types of student seminars that The Wild Hope Center puts on for PLU.

Faculty and staff will also participate in the “Women, Leadership and Vocation” seminar as leaders of small discussion groups, panelists and sources of knowledge.

While the title of this series names women in particular, both men and women are encouraged to take hold of the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion with PLU faculty and staff.

“It’s a chance for students to see [faculty and staff] as real people…and it’s a chance for [faculty and staff] to know you [students] as real people,” Hunnicut said.

Members of any gender identification are also encouraged to attend.

Discussion will center around Leadership and Vocation and what success, failure, conflict and vulnerability mean to PLU students as they attempt to live out the university’s mission statement: “…lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership, and care—for other people, for [our] communities, and for the earth.”

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