By Samantha Lund, Columnist

Sometimes in what seem like the worst moments, we get the pleasure of being reminded how wonderful other people can be. The mudslide in Darrington, Wash. has given us the chance to see how extraordinary people can be in the face of catastrophe.

The minute the mudslide hit March 22 10:37 a.m, many Darington survivors were on scene to help their neighbors and rescue anyone and anything they could.  Ever since the slide, Washington, along with the rest of the country, has been supporting the people of the slide and giving much needed help and supplies.

The mudslide swallowed homes, destroyed the landscape and as of Thursday 29 people have died and 20 are still missing. The amount of support pouring in for the victims of the slide is incredible.
If you do not have a chance to go up to Darrington and see it, watch any news program or read any Washington paper, and they will show the humane acts taking place. Stores are giving away free supplies for people working on the rescue team, boy and girl scouts are collecting food to donate, high schools and churches are lending their space to foster people who lost their homes and people are stopping their daily routines to give their time and volunteer on the site.

Our support for the victims should be pouring in with the rest of Washington’s. Pacific Lutheran University is known for giving back to the community and helping however we can. We help the environment, we participate in community outreach projects and we help each other each time we hold a door open for an abnormally long period of time just to be polite to the next person. We are a community of givers. Deciding to give back is the hardest part for most people but probably the easiest for Lutes. The hard part for us is deciding how to give back.
There are already more than enough people in the slide area giving hands-on help. The city reports that it needs more money to continue the efforts and maintain spirits. Of course, you do not want to throw your money at something without knowing it will directly help. However, there are charities that ensure your money will go toward the effort.

The United Way of Snohomish County has already pledged $75,000 to the cause, and any more donations they receive will go directly to mudslide efforts.

If talking to someone on the phone is too ‘90s for you, you can donate to the Red Cross, which is helping with mudslide efforts, by texting “RedCross” to 90999.  When you text that number, you will automatically donate $10. If you text your donation, it will come out in your phone bill rather than your bank account.

“I think giving donations is important,”  sophomore Sevryn Modahl said. “But along with giving donations, we should show our support by posting about it [on social media].” Modahl’s hometown is Darrington’s close neighbor, Arlington, a community that has been affected by the slide.

It’s no secret most college students have empty bank accounts. If not, the money we do have gets spent on junk food and new apps for our phones.  If you do not have money to donate, and do not want to drive a couple hours to Darrington to donate food, you can join the support system online using the social media tools in your pocket.

Share pictures, tweet your support and educate your Facebook friends around the world on what is happening here in your home. That support can not only move people to help, but it also shows the affected community your support and helps it to push on through this disaster. Let’s support and send our neighbors the love they need now more than ever.

To show your support via social media, use the hashtags #osostrong and #530slide. Give it an extra Lute touch and add in #lutesforoso. Let’s support and send our neighbors the love they need now more than ever. ◼︎

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