By Zach Wittstruck, Guest Writer

Innovative experiences are on the horizon for the student body of Pacific Lutheran University. For the first time ever, the PLU Intramural Sports and Recreation department is offering the unique activity of LARPing and is looking for all Lutes to take part in this special event.    139484036214129

LARP stands for Live Action Role Play and calls for participants to dress up and fight for medieval supremacy using foam weapons and magic. The PLU version of LARP will feature four teams who will battle it out in a capture the flag type arena on the former University Golf Course on campus.

Rob Thompson, director of Recreation Activities, said he has high hopes for this event and the identity boost it will bring to the university.

“The PLU Recreations LARP event represents the largest innovative program we’ve offered this year,” Thompson said. “We are hoping the success of this event will bring new students to engage in future PLU recreational activities.”

Intramural sports and recreational events aim to unite students from across campus to enjoy the activities PLU has to offer. This LARPing event looks to expand these ambitions further and give students another exciting option for their recreational and creative needs.

By exploring the uncharted realm of medieval role play, PLU and college life everywhere hold a towering potential for change.
Thompson said he sees this as a perfect opportunity to aid in this goal.

“The goal for this particular event is not only to offer something different, but it is to establish a new tradition year in and year out for the great battle of PLU,” Thompson said. “I strongly believe through PLU Recreation, particularly with intramurals, we can unite a campus.”
Students should also consider the release of stress from studies they can gain by escaping to another land and joining a team of fellow classmates in wreaking some havoc with costumes and foam swords.

This could serve as a needed change of pace for many students and at the very least, an entertaining sight to see when taking a break from the rigorous intake of textbook reading.

If students find they are not of the warrior variety or would rather refrain from the test of foam combat, there is also a place for them on the LARP battlefield. Wizards or witches, along with commanding powerful attack spells, have the ability to resurrect those who have fallen in battle.

Another alternative role for LARP is the role of the all-important fan. If not participating in the combat itself, cheering on friends and favorite teams is a very welcome addition to the LARPing event and would be appreciated by all those involved.

Beginning May 1, participants are welcome to come to Olson Auditorium and create their weapons and other gear prior to the epic battle.

Here, LARPers can meet their teams, learn more about the rules and enjoy making their weapons according to their creative wills. Supplies will be provided but participants are free to bring their own personal materials as well.

With the banners of the four kingdoms flying high, the first battle of PLU LARP shall take place May 4. Noble men and women from the teams of the Blue Wolves, Green Eagles, Golden Bears and Crimson Lions shall face off for the ultimate battle royal in which one team will reign supreme by the final blow of the horn.

Participants need to sign up on the IM Leagues website in advance. Detailed sign-up instructions are posted on the Facebook event page. For costumes, participants can be as elaborate or as plain as they’d like but they have to wear their team color. Weapons are flexible — students can make whatever they want, as long as they follow the safety guidelines.

Whether members have a passion for swordplay like the best action heroes, want to use magic like the wizards and witches of old or just feel the desire to dress up in awesome outfits five months before Halloween, all Lutes can sign up to LARP.

Students interested in joining this event can find instructions on the PLU LARP event on the PLU Recreations Facebook page or by visiting the website and searching for Pacific Lutheran University.

For further questions or comments about the event, contact Thompson at

Weapons Building
May 1 at 8 p.m.
Olson auditorium

LARP Battle
May 4, noon
Former University Golf Course

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