by David Mair, Guest Writer

Junior Maylen Anthony lived in Hinderlie Hall for two years and hates upper-campus stereotypes but finds herself caught up in them often.
Anthony knows people on lower campus, however, she found herself spending more time on upper campus. In her eyes, the stereotypes are fairly stupid, yet ring true quite often, because to a degree the upper and lower campuses lead themselves to a level of convenience. Meaning, people live next to things they enjoy, so Music majors live next to Mary Baker Russell and athletes live by the gym.

Maylen Anthony Photo Courtesy of Maylen Anthony
Maylen Anthony
Photo Courtesy of Maylen Anthony

While she was not particularly musically inclined, living in Hinderlie Hall gave her the wonderful opportunity to support and enjoy the music of the friends she made from Hinderlie Hall.
The people she fostered friendships with were ones that most of their interests clicked quite well. Some of the friends she had that first year in Hinderlie Hall, she calls her closest friends and is roommates with them.
As of this year she declared herself a Hispanic Studies major with minors in Religion in addition to Women and Gender Studies.
Anthony has kept herself busy while at Pacific Lutheran University. She’s a sojourner advocate for the Wang Center. She became an advocate because she is passionate about studying away. So far, Anthony has studied away to Neah Bay, Wash. and Granada, Spain. Her hope is to study away in London next fall.
Anthony is a campus ministry steward who thoroughly enjoys the university congregation. She also plays a character in her friend’s popular Mast Media Television show. Anthony enjoys attending activities provided by the Women’s Center such as the Vagina Monologues and Sexperts.
Beyond her immense involvement at PLU, Anthony has a wide variety of interests. She enjoys cooking, reading, along with watching all of her favorite shows on Netflix.
Though she does wish she could play on the Ultimate Frisbee team, she does not consider herself an athlete, mainly due to her lack of hand eye coordination. However, she can’t get enough of simply being outdoors where she spends most of her time hiking.
She has come to realize that spending quality time with family and friends is something she highly values.
During her time at PLU, she has come to value PLU’s dedication to students’ vocation. She wants to focus on discovering what it is that she is truly passionate about, rather than merely picking a job that will earn her the largest sum of money.
The kindness from the entire student body, such as being able to walk across campus without opening a door because someone is holding it open for her, is an aspect of PLU that Anthony believes is unlike most other schools.
From her two years living in Hinderlie, Anthony found herself becoming aware of the upper campus and lower campus stereotypes. Though she does not appreciate stereotypes, she acknowledges that she often perpetuated the ones of upper campus.

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