Camille Adams (Writer/Producer)

Camille AdamsCamille is an aspiring writer and a proud producer of this project. Months ago, she was daunted and surprised by the task of pulling a 60 page script out of her limited but excitable imagination. Just a few months later, she was daunted and surprised by getting it all on film. And yet every piece came together beautifully with lots of laughter, friendship, and hard work. She is excited to present “Impressions,” the sophomore effort of the Better Janes Production team and the new and improved sibling of their first-year debut, “Outnumbered.” Camille is a sophomore English (Fiction Writing) and Hispanic Studies double major. She hopes to one day employ her love of writing in the pursuit of a life behind the silver screen and an affordable diet of Rice-a-Roni.




Rachel Diebel (Director/Producer)


Rachel has been a control freak her entire life, so when she found out that there was a job where you could be in charge of everything, it was a dream come true. She has since learned that there is a little bit more to directing than that, and credits the two shows she has directed with teaching her patience. A founding member of Better Janes Productions, Rachel is almost as excited to share “Impressions” with you as she is to be done editing it. Rachel’s life goal is to never forget to be awesome. She would like to say thanks to the cast for still liking her and to extend a special thank you to her best friend Camille Adams for pretty much everything.




Alex Clayton (Jess Martinez)


Alex Clayton is a sophomore chemistry major with a biology minor and a not-so-secret passion for English literature. You can’t really call what she does in the show “acting” because her real-life sass rivals that of her character, Jess Martinez. Besides acting, Alex enjoys pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.






Anna Loose (Mina Richert)


Anna Loose is a sophomore from Minnesota studying Chinese, German, and Hispanic Studies. As a girl who misses being involved in theater, she is having a ton of fun being in the show. Anna is incredibly excited to be working with Rachel and Camille again and can’t wait for the show to air! She knows that anyone who enjoys a good mystery will fall in love with “Impressions.”








Sarah Henderson (Hailey Lawson)


Sarah Henderson is a performer and an entertainer. She is also an artist. And a potter. And she’s weird and dresses like someone right out of a Macklemore video. She loves chocolate, kisses and cuddling. Brussels sprouts are her absolute favorite. The smell of Parkland after her 3:40 class puts her in the best of moods, and it is in the mornings, when there’s frost on the ground and a chill in the wind, and the air nips at her nose, that she feels the most alive and energized. She thinks playing Haley has been so much fun, and she really hopes you enjoy the show!






Denae McGaha (Lucy Jennings)


Denae McGaha is a sophomore Public Relations major at Pacific Lutheran University. Being involved with Impressions has given her the opportunity to pursue her interests of acting and video production—so she’s very grateful to Camille and Rachel for having her as part of this project! If you can’t find her at one of her usual haunts around campus, you’ll probably find her reading about ancient civilizations, daydreaming about London, or walking in the rain so famous to her beloved Washington state.







Maylen Anthony (Katherine Petersen)


Maylen Anthony is basically her character Katherine, trusting and loving, and occasionally oblivious to the world around her, but always has the best intentions. She is a sophomore who hails from the great state of Minnesota, and plans to major in Hispanic Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. She wants to applaud Rachel and Camille for all of their dedication and perseverance through scheduling conflicts, late nights, and giggling fits, and also for letting her participate in their show for the second time.







Anthony Aguilar (Shaun Johnston)


Anthony Aguilar is excited to help out with the show. Anthony is a first year from Keizer, OR and is glad to be at PLU. He was involved in his high school theater and recent credits include Flick from A Christmas Story, stage manager for Our Town, and Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Anthony is thinking of majoring in Psychology with a minor in Theater. “I want to thank everyone who supported me in my path. Enjoy the show!”







Adrian Mayoral (Marcus Olson)


Adrian Mayoral is a boisterous and fun individual who isn’t sure if he should be referring to himself in the third person right now. A reserved individual at first, when he feels comfortable a sarcastic monster will emerge. He often says things just to hear them said out loud, much to the confusion and/or horror of those who hear him.








Haleigh Missildine (Ashley Strausser)


Haleigh Missildine is a first year at PLU. She is studying communications and political science, but has always had a side interest in acting. In the past, she has participated in theater productions. She is really excited to be a part of this wonderful cast!








Dan Stell (Professor Duncan Rawley)


Dan Stell is a junior and comes from the little hamlet known as Tualatin, Oregon. He is a newly declared Anthropology major with minors in Political Science, Biology and Global Studies because he doesn’t believe in having a life. This year he has continued his work as an ASPLU Senator as well as taking on the role of LuteVote Data Manager as practice for his eventual world takeover. After graduation, he intended on getting a Master in public Health. He has been playing viola since he was 10 and is obsessed enough to have an alto clef tattooed on his arm. In the untimely event that he has free time, he goes out to Tacoma to swing and blues dance.

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