There’s a fight scheduled in the Cave Friday night, but Campus Safety won’t be intervening.

The Battle of the Bands will take place Friday at 7 p.m.

“Each band gets two songs and ten minutes to do whatever they want,” said David Gordon, the head coordinator for the event. “At the end, the audience gets to vote for their favorite.”

Gordon, who is also a co-chair for the ASPLU Entertainment Committee, said that the event will be very similar to how it’s been in the past, with one distinct change.

“Last time we had a problem with people showing up late, but still getting a vote. This year, votes for people who showed up late are going to count less than those who stayed the whole time.”

Gordon said they will give different colored voting slips to tardy attendees who wouldn’t be able to judge all of the bands side-by-side.

Battle of the Bands wasn’t on the event agenda last year, and Gordon said it was disappointing for many.

“It’s a fun event that gets a lot of student musicians. There’s a little more competition a little more incentive than an open mic,” said Gordon, who also said that the event was pretty easy to plan. “You just put the word out to the student body and you get all these people who are out there and want to play.”

The winning band receives a guaranteed playing spot in the lineup of LollaPLUza.  The regular auditions for LollaPLUza take place on Monday.

For more information, contact David Gordon. ◼︎

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