Student Media at Pacific Lutheran University consist of a radio station, two magazines, a newspaper and a television station. That’s right—a television station, called Mast TV.

Mast TV has only aired News @ Nine, a live news broadcast, but it has also had student-run dramas and comedies on its website. Such shows include “Dear Emily” this year, “Impressions” from Spring 2014 and “Outnumbered” from Spring 2013.

News @ Nine is on channel 26 at 9 p.m. Thursdays and is also available for streaming online from a link tweeted from @maststudenttv. The first episode aired last night and can be viewed at

This year, station leaders hope to showcase more than just news. There will be news, sports and a lifestyle block for interviews of important people on campus.

“I am excited to get people involved with News @ Nine and want to make Mast TV more visible and active on campus through advertising,” said senior Allie Reynolds, Mast TV General Manager. “A lot of people don’t even know we have a television station or a news program here at PLU.”

Reynolds also sits on the Mast Media Editorial Board and is Online Editor for The Mooring Mast. She is assisted by Campbell Brett, Multimedia Editor, and Zachary Boyle, News @ Nine Producer.

“I’m also really excited for ‘Dear Emily,’” Reynolds said. “It should be really great. We should be able to reach a wider audience this year with greater capability for online streaming.”

Brett is also eager to have Mast TV ready for broadcast.

I am excited for all of the great content I know Mast TV will produce this year,” Brett said.

Any student can get involved with Mast TV. Students interested in Mast TV production or having their own show should contact Reynolds at The next show will be Oct. 23.

This story was written in collaboration with Reland Tuomi.

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