By Jake Bilyeu, Guest Writer

There was a special feeling in the air over the weekend here at Pacific Lutheran University.

Some would attribute that feeling to the innumerable amount of family members that were here throughout the entirety of PLU’s Family Weekend.

Others would attribute it to the myriad of highlight plays pulled off by PLU’s offense during their Saturday afternoon game against Whitworth.

But then, many others were feeling special because of all of the kind acts and displays put up on campus and at Sparks Field to honor Veterans Day.

Sports can be a release from the pressures of a stressful life, and many veterans around the country are avid football fans.

The PLU President himself, Dr. Thomas Krise, a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, is veteran, and participated in the pregame coin toss.

To honor what veterans have done for the country, the football team held its second annual Military Appreciation Day, meaning anyone affiliated with the United States Armed Forces received free admission and concessions.

Game-day wouldn’t have been complete without music, and the First Corps band played while PLU’s Army Reserved Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Lute Battalion presented the flag during the singing of the National Anthem.

Some of the funding for PLU sports teams comes from generous donations by veterans, and the football team did its part to give back and put smiles on the faces of the crowd by coming away with a commanding 41-27 win.

Over the past couple of months, students have seen their colleagues on campus donning their ROTC uniforms, and this weekend everyone was given a chance to give thanks and give back in many ways to those who have served to protect our country.

One way that has likely been seen by all students on campus, but perhaps not noted or acknowledged for its meaning, is the tying of the golden ribbons around the trees on campus.

These have served as a constant reminder to the ROTC students on campus and any war veterans that may have taken part in the Family Weekend festivities over the weekend that we truly and greatly appreciate their dedication to our safety.

It is of the utmost importance that we take the time to support those that volunteer to defend our nation, especially since our campus has a military base located nearby.

Students were given a small break from class on the morning of Veterans Day, which some took as a chance to get some more rest.

But since all students here at PLU hear the jets leaving the base and students wearing the camouflage practically every day, some felt that it was very important for them to take part in the ceremony at the Mary Baker Russell building, which had its walkways decorated with small American flags Tuesday morning.

It is the season of giving thanks after all, so it was certainly fitting to give thanks to some of those who deserve it most, the veterans.

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