by Brooke Wolfe, Guest Writer

Trick-or-treaters put on costumes and come to PLU for special dorm trick-or-treating. Photo by Brooke Wolfe
Trick-or-treaters put on costumes and come to PLU for special dorm trick-or-treating.
Photo by Brooke Wolfe

Strollers, families and students packed the Pacific Lutheran University campus in Halloween costumes, ready to have fun at PLU’s annual Halloween events.
Starting the night was trick-or-treating in the residence halls. A twist on this classic tradition, families from the surrounding community were invited to come spend halloween with PLU students.
Children dressed up as anything from princesses to super heroes and filled the sidewalks campuswide to hunt for candy. The lounges were decorated with cobweb decorations and the smiling faces of Lutes waiting for the participants. Bags of Twix, Skittles and Starbursts were opened at 6 p.m. and the candy did not stop flowing until 8 p.m.
“I wanted to help out,“ Tingelstad RA Kenyah Huskey said. “I was home for the night and enjoyed seeing the little kids dressing up for Halloween.”
During the trick-or-treating trek, Hinderlie’s Haunted House attempted to bring some screams to the night. Halloweeners entered at their own risk for a memorable scare. The main lounge was transformed into a wicked wonderland complete with jack-o’- lanterns, zombies and plenty of terrorizing screams.
“I like going through [the haunted house],” said Marena, an elementary school student dressed as a princess. “It was not too scary.”
Later in the night, students began to get ready for events of their own.
Pflueger Pfright Night was a hit among Lutes as the on-campus party of the night. Costumes were encouraged and Pflueger was filled with Lutes dressed as their favorite animals and characters.
Pflueger’s first floor was decorated with festive lights, water pong tables, and carnival games. Students from the residence hall volunteered their time to decorate and make sure other Lutes enjoyed their time.
“I am glad I came,” first-year Ben Accord said. “The games were fun and I got to bring my friends.”
After winning prizes, partygoers could make their way out back and enjoy some dancing. A tent was set up to create a covered dance floor area. For students looking to relax, pumpkin painting and treats were offered upstairs.
On the second floor, tables were set up with personal pumpkins to choose from and an array of painting supplies. From small quotes to the Batman symbols, creativity was thriving while the sugar was in abundance.
Across the way, a caramel apple station met every sugar need. Students lined up to make these masterpieces of a different, edible kind.
In case the sugary dipped apples weren’t enough, ice cream, punch, popcorn and Tootsie Rolls were included to complete the late-night meal.
PLU’s Halloween 2014 came through as a success. Students and community members came together for a safe and enjoyable night. ◼︎

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