With each passing minute, I have relished my position as sports editor of The Mooring Mast. The opportunities to write an array of articles and gain experience in doing so has been critical to my understanding of how to be successful in the sports media industry.

It has been incredible to see every sports team at Pacific Lutheran University succeed in its own way. The women’s swim team and the men’s golf team both won a conference crown this season.

The football team cruised its way to a second consecutive playoff berth. The baseball team has two of the nation’s most dominant pitchers in juniors Trevor Lubking and AJ Konopaski. First-year tennis player Sam Stadter earned second-team all-Northwest Conference honors.

You really can’t ask for more if you’re the sports editor.

It has been a pleasure to write a weekly column for the past 19 issues. It has been a pleasure to run The Mast Sports Pick ‘Em challenge for the past two years. To say I have enjoyed this process would be an understatement.

I will be stepping down as sports editor next year. I will be joining MediaLab in an effort to broaden my horizons. I have had an unforgettable experience working with the editorial staff at The Mast.

Every editor on The Mast is fantastic in her or his own way, and I wish all of them the best down the road.

I will still be involved with The Mast next year, but as a sports writer. I want to give another qualified individual the chance to be in charge of the sports section.

Here’s to another year of success. ◼︎

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