By Una Tingvik Haave, Guest Writer

This year’s second Open Mic Night, organized by senior David Gordon, gave Pacific Lutheran University students the opportunity to showcase their talents Feb. 20. Gordon is a co-chair of Associated Students of PLU’s Entertainment Committee.

“I just really like seeing the talent that’s out there when you just give people the opportunity,” Gordon said.

Many performed self-written poems and songs.

Among them was junior Olivia Ash, who also helped organize the event. According to Ash, events like Open Mic Night are great venues for musicians at PLU to come together and meet other aspiring musicians.

“Everyone is really supportive and nice and interested in sharing their music and collaborating,” Ash said.

The performances were not limited to poetry readings, singing and guitar playing. Open Mic Night also featured dancers.

“It’s a good venue for people that are just starting off,” junior Conner Bowman, who also attended the event, said.

The turnout for the event was not as high as it had been at the Open Mic Night hosted earlier this year. “As it gets later in the year, people get busier,” Gordon said.

The event was open to the PLU community.

“You just kind of have to set it and organize it, and sometimes you make 25 people happy and sometimes you make 80 people happy — but that’s the great thing about open mics,” Gordon said. “There are always people who want to perform and there are always people who want to see it.” ◼︎

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