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EDITOR’S NOTE: Some of the content on this post is taken directly from Azealia Banks’ Twitter account and is uncensored. Please read at your own discretion.

Azealia Banks (courtesy of Banks’ twitter).

Azealia Banks is a 23-year-old American rapper and songwriter from Harlem also known as Yung Rapunxel.

If you still have no idea who I am talking about, don’t feel bad. She thinks she is a bigger act than she really is.

Banks released her first album this November, “Broke With Expensive Taste,” to online music stores after issues with Interscope and Polydor Records got her deal cut.

Banks took to Twitter last Wednesday to slam not only Iggy Azalea, a much more famous rapper with whom she shares half of her name, but Perez Hilton, who she has had beef with in the past.

She even went as far as to tweet Hilton about his baby, saying “even your baby is ugly.”

This Twitter rant started with the non-indictment of the police officer in the Eric Garner case.

She began by tweeting about black oppression in America, wondering how she can get involved in change.

Then she totally snapped.

Banks tweeted:

Referencing Iggy’s origins with the name “Igloo Australia” — which, I must admit, is a tweet to be remembered. The tweets continued.

She continued ranting, claiming the media is trying to replace Nicki Minaj with Iggy and how that’s racist — blah blah blah.

These are relevant issues for black America, but why the need to tweet your hate? I have no idea.

Banks then took to FINALLY mentioning Iggy directly.

She then went back to tweeting about Iggy without directly mentioning her in various tweets regarding Iggy joining the “runaway slaves club” and other hard-to-swallow tweets.

Next, Banks turned back to her old favorite punching bag, Mr. Perez Hilton.

Nobody knows what he did this time, but she was apparently mad about something.

She tweeted many other things to him — that I do not want to mention, out of respect for the LGBT community — but he did reply to her, unlike Iggy, who only tweeted somewhat vague statements about “hell breaking lose while I was in rehearsals.”

Banks continued LGBT hate, tweeting about how “gay men say the most misogynist s**t, but as soon as you call them a f***ot they wanna get upset.”

Then, she attacked Perez AGAIN when he replied, calling him out on an actual issue.

She continued to tweet in all caps, correcting him as he said he wouldn’t accept her apology that she never actually apologized, something about her being discriminated against for having bipolar disorder (which would explain this rage), and more.

This was so messy and hard-to-follow that I almost felt sorry for Banks.

When you thought it had to be over—she even tweeted Perez that she was done with him—she turned to her next target!

Next up was Necole Bitchie, an entertainment reporter that nobody has ever even heard of.

This time she turned her argument around about Iggy, going off about a black woman trying to be white, instead of a white woman trying to be black.

To my knowledge Necole never replied — the right move on her part.

Banks went back to tweeting against Perez in a meaningless back-and-forth that was so repetitive and offensive it was just a waste of time.

Banks finally went to sleep—she was tweeting up until 1 a.m.— but upon waking, she tweeted that she had a “hearty chuckle last night,” followed by some sassy emojis.

Banks started with a relevant argument, that many people have agreed with — white musicians have been using black culture for their own fame but never actually supporting black women (for example, Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video).

However, her fight just went haywire and Banks just became offensive, discriminatory, and hateful.

I would have been offended with this Twitter rampage if I thought Azealia Banks was actually relevant.

But let’s admit it – Azealia Banks has never been relevant. She never will be relevant. And I will never be able to take her seriously enough to fight her against her use of the F-word.

You can’t fight ignorance.

Instead, I laid in my bed following her tweets live — when I was supposed to be sleeping (sorry mom!) — and got, as she said, “a hearty chuckle.”

In other news:

Justin Bieber dyed all of his hair platinum blonde, probably in an attempt to stay in the news because we all know he’s on his way out.

Kourtney Kardashian revealed that her third child with Scott Disick (who, let’s not forget, he didn’t even want) is going to be a boy, while Chris Brown mingled with Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner after announcing he is single.

Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, got super touchy-touchy during their Jingle Ball performance while Miley Cyrus and her new boyfriend Patrick Shwarzennegger were seen together, also very touchy-touchy, on numerous dates.

Wiz Kahlifa posted some extremely provocative photos of him naked with a Playboy model who was also naked… nobody needed to see that. But it is believed to be posted for Amber Rose (his ex and baby mama) to show her he doesn’t need her. ◼︎

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