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Celebrity Halloween Costumes are always one of the most exciting parts of the Halloween festivities. This year was no exception. From the bizarre to the creative, and everything in between: here are the most important celebrity costumes of Halloween 2014.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Beyonce and Blue Ivy first went as a tribute to the Jackson Family as Michael Jackson (Blue) and Janet Jackson (Beyonce).

Beyonce-Blue-Ivy 2 Beyonce-Blue-Ivy 1

Photos by Beyonce (on her Instagram)

Beyonce then changed and went as the Mexican Painter, Frida Kahlo, for later in the night Photo by Spalsh News

I’m not normally a fan of Beyonce (I know, I know…) but I thought these costumes were not only creative but truly adorable!

Katy Perry

This year, Perry went as the unsexiest costume she could think of, which worked to surprise everyone even more than her past scandalous costumes. This year she went as a Flaming Hot Cheeto, along with a matching Hot Cheeto Bag purse

  katy perry

Photo by Just Jared

The costume was as hilarious as her career.

Lady Gaga

Disappointing to her fans, Lady Gaga seemed to have forgotten it was Halloween while on her world tour in France. After entering a restaurant without a costume, Gaga exited wearing a tablecloth she took from the restaurant as a ghost.

lady gaga

Photo by GagaDaily

Although it was disappointing especially to me as a Little Monster, Gaga used the last minute costume to keep up with what she’s known for – she’s famously weird, and weirdly famous.

Heidi Klum

Every year, Klum is the queen of Halloween. And this year was no exception. Klum celebrated Halloween in New York City as an extravagant butterfly.

heidi klum

Photo By Getty Images

Klum used the costume to pay tribute to her German nickname of Butterfly. Although she was literally unrecognizable, there is no way you can deny she was the Halloween queen once again!


As usual, Rhianna donned a sexed up, bad girl costume, as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle this year with her friends.


Photo by Splash News

I was glad to see Rhianna classing it up a little bit (compared to her past ultra-sexy weed costume) but I’m also glad to see she stuck with who she is, and managed to keep her sex appeal as a turtle LOL.

Carmen Electra

For everything Katy Perry lacked in sexiness this Halloween, Electra made it up for her, as Electra spent Halloween as Katy Perry in her California Girls music video complete with cupcake bra.


Photo By Michael Simon

Not an absolutely great costume, but fitting to Carmen Electra – rather trashy. But hey, I’ll give it to her. Her body looks great: who wouldn’t want to show that off?!

Lily Allen

The British singer took Halloween as an opportunity to cause some controversy as per usual, and express her usual parody, going as a Doctor. More specifically, she went as a gynecologist named Dr. Luke, as he is in the wake of his lawsuit with Kesha for alleged sexual abuse!

lily allen

Photo by TMZ

Although it’s pretty offensive, it’s Lily Allen – the girl who made an album called “It’s Not Me, It’s You” and famous for her song “Smile” with the lyrics “When I see you cry, you know it makes me smile”. If there was anyone who could do this, it was her.

Taylor Swift

T-Swift spent the night as a cross between a Pegasus and a Unicorn while promoting her new album, 1989, on Z100 Radio.


Photo by Taylor Swift (on her Instagram)

I guess it was cute? I have no idea what to think of this. It’s memorable for how boring it was. But she looks cute.

Halloween 2014 was a great night for celebrity costumes, and there were many more than this list. But I thought I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time with recaps on celebrities going as ordinary Halloween costumes like Gwen Stefani as a vampire, or Adam Lambert as a werewolf. I hope you were just as creative or quirky for Halloween as these stars were. Send us your Halloween pictures on twitter using the #MMHalloween and you might be featured in next week’s article!

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