by Natalie DeFord, News Writer

With laurels, catering, Mediterranean food, glow sticks, firework glasses, Greek decorations, two student DJs and a root beer keg, Sept. 26 was Hinderlie Hall’s annual Greek-themed Toga Party.  This year’s Party stands out from those of years past. Hinderlie Residence Hall Council (RHC) hosted the event, along with Hinderlie’s resident assistants and resident director Kat Slaby.

Sophomore Kiera Stevens, Hinderlie RHC president, said this year’s Toga Party aimed to further adhere to the Greek theme. The event was hosted in the lower level lounge and was filled with lights and artwork depicting the Greek gods and goddesses Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite and Poseidon.

“Everyone dresses up in bed sheets that look like togas, and we just dance around and have fun,” Stevens said.

Sophomore Meg Burnett, winner of the toga contest Photo Credit: Natalie DeFord
Sophomore Meg Burnett, winner of the toga contest
Photo Credit: Natalie DeFord

There was an array of food and just outside was a keg filled with root beer. In addition to the Mediterranean dishes served by campus catering, there were also grapes and other snacks from Hinderlie RHC.

Students could also make their own laurel headwear out of paper and craft supplies provided.

Last year, Stevens said she went out with friends and gathered leaves from campus.

“I actually thought, ‘hey let’s not destroy the environment around school and actually make fake laurels this year’,” she said.

The entryway was festively decorated with a welcome sign written in Greek and RHC members handed out glow sticks and glasses that made lights look like rainbows.

Student disc jockeys and seniors Campbell Brett and Madison Barger performed at the event, each playing for two of the four hours.

“It was awesome to get to DJ the event but it was also nice to get the second half off so I could dance,” Brett said.

Halfway through the event, three students placed in the toga contest. Sophomore Meg Burnett was the first-place winner.

“We had a really great turnout,” Stevens said.

Between 250 and 300 students attended the event, donned in togas crafted from bed sheets and safety pins.

But did these safety pins create safety issues?

PLU senior Kristin McCarthy wore flip flops with her toga.  This being McCarthy’s first and last Toga Party, she said she had fun and enjoyed seeing classmates she’d met throughout her years at PLU.

“It was not fun, however, to step on safety pins that had broken off of people’s togas,” McCarthy said.

Students can find photos taken by RHC members on the Hinderlie Hall-PLU Facebook page,

The next Hinderlie Hall event will be the Hinderlie Haunted House on Halloween. ◼︎

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