By Reland Tuomi, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome, fellow Lutes, to another academic year at Pacific Lutheran University.

PLU is known for its athletic department, music department and focus on social justice.

But one hidden gem at PLU is our Student Media. Social justice magazine The Matrix, literary magazine Saxifrage, radio station Lute Air Student Radio (LASR) and television station and newspaper combination Mast Media are all excellent outlets to express creativity and convey information.

This section of The Mooring Mast, “Lute Life,” will showcase archived pieces from The Matrix and Saxifrage for those on campus who haven’t seen them.

All student media at PLU is run by students, which means students are able to freely decide what they want to write about, rather than having a professor tell them what is considered “good” to write.

Student media is meant for the students, so go find something worth writing about, whether it’s a news story, a work of fiction about birds, an art piece representing a favorite TV show or anything you think other students would like.

Anything you would like. ◼︎

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