by David Mair, Staff Writer

Pacific Lutheran University students can stream Lute Air Student Radio (LASR) via the PLU website 24/7 or at least they could until the end of last school year.

Last year, LASR received a letter from the Recording Industry Association of America informing LASR that it was in direct violation for not providing metadata while streaming.

Essentially, this means that LASR was not showing the information of each song it played, including the artist’s name and song title. LASR did not have a program with the capability to provide metadata.

LASR recently found a program that will solve their dilemma, known as Spinitron.
According to Spinitron’s website, it’s an online playlist-management solution that handles playlist data capture, archiving, reporting and dynamic online publishing, among many other features.

Currently, LASR is in the process of having the program installed.LASR logo
The other issue hindering LASR from having the station ready for the year is building its music library.

Since the station runs 24/7, they need a great deal of content to fill the time when DJ shows are not happening.
To build up the music library, LASR is digitizing an immense amount of CDs. Also, LASR is in contact with a number of promoters who take new artists and get traction for them via airtime on college radio stations.

Though LASR feels the pressure to be on the air as soon as possible, it’s hard at work making sure everything is just right to allow it to reach its potential for PLU students to enjoy.

General manager Olivia Ash’s goal for LASR this year is to have LASR win Most Improved Station, an award given by the College Music Journal.

The only way for LASR to receive the award is to make LASR a space that is an open dialogue and creative space that bridges the gaps between students at PLU.

The radio station is completely student-run and uses an open format, which means DJs can play whatever music they choose.
“The open format is celebratory of all music,” Ash said. “LASR creates a good, cool community through music.”
There have been more than 30 applicants for DJs this year. LASR is constantly hiring via their website, where one of the only requirements is to be passionate about the “awesomeness” of music.

These soon-to-be DJs will gain much experience. The DJs are taught what it means to make a quality show, along with all the technical ins and outs. By DJs having the opportunity to learn these aspects of radio it inherently benefits the students of PLU.
With DJs who are aware of new and upcoming trends in music,the students at PLU will be able to learn more about music they might not have known about. LASR also brings students into a creative community.

LASR will be on the air in the near future but details are still being figured out.
Find more information about LASR student radio and their first showtimes of this year at their website, ◼︎

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