5 Reasons Working for Mast Media is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Working for Mast Media will likely change your life. For the uninitiated, Mast Media is the converged media brand whose website you’re on, representing the SPJ-award-winning 91-year Pacific Lutheran University student newspaper The Mooring Mast and its broadcast partner Mast TV.

It’s a transformative experience for any college student. Here’s 5 reasons why it’s a great decision to come work with us.

1. You get to experience the best events on campus from behind-the-scenes.

In 2014, writers got to meet and interview recording artists like Sol during PLU’s annual music festival LollaPLUza and have dinner with Academy Award winning filmmaker Jehane Noujaim. Oh, and one of our writers got to follow around a King. No big deal.

2. You learn a LOT.

You learn how to write for mass media, you gain Photoshop/InDesign/video editing skills, you learn how to give a good interview, you’ll DEFINITELY get faster at typing – and that’s just the top of the list.  

3. You make great friends.

While you’re doing all this cool stuff (like covering the Washington state election for the Tacoma News Tribune!) you’re going to make some great, lifelong pals – in a way you just can’t do in a dorm or from a classroom.  

4. You make even better connections.

Executive Producers at Television Stations, an Editor-in-Chief of a magazine, an award-winning reporter (or two, or three) – just a few of the awesome local professionals connected to Mast Media. You can go to their office, and they’ll be coming to ours to mentor, coach and hold workshops!

5. It’s a complete blast.

Whether you’re spending a late night laughing in the Mast office before printing, stifling laughter behind cameras on News @ Nine (Mast TV’s weekly news broadcast – pictured) or just writing a fun story – you are guaranteed to have a good time working with us.

BONUS! Awesome Trips.

Make it to an Editorial Board position (Editors/Outlet Executives) and you’ll get to go to at least one national conference for college student media. You could go to New York, Texas or Los Angeles – just to name a few!


If you’re convinced, shoot us an email at mast@plu.edu and let us know what you’re interested in doing and what experience you might have (none required).

Matthew Salzano

Class of 2018 Communication and Women's and Gender Studies double-major. Matt Served as the 2016-17 Editor-in-Chief of The Mast and as a writer for PLU.edu. He also previously served as Entertainment Editor and Mast TV General Manager. From Spokane, Washington. Studied away in Oxford January/Spring 2016.

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