Campus thrift shop ready for comeback

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Looking to pop some tags? Only $20 in your pocket? A new store on campus is just the place to go.

SurPLUs makes a comeback this year as Pacific Lutheran University’s very own on-campus used store.

Last year it was on hiatus, but on Oct. 10 the doors will open again from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Regular store hours for SurPLUs will be from 8 a.m.-11 a.m. and 2 p.m.-5 p.m.. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

SurPLUs is located on lower campus, next to Morken.Price tags will read 10 dollars or less, except for electronics.

SurPLUs even delivers to students’ dorms if a large item, such as a couch, is purchased.

The store will sell everything from clothes to mattresses to coffee mugs and much more. Everything sold comes directly from campus.

Photo by Daivd Mair When students throw out clothing, furniture or decorations during move out, PLU SurPLUs gathers it and sells it for a reduced price.
Photo by Daivd Mair
When students throw out clothing, furniture or decorations during move out, PLU SurPLUs gathers it and sells it for a reduced price.

A lot of odds and ends come from move out day, when students toss out stuff they no longer want. Other items come from various departments around campus getting rid of the old department stuff such as chairs, computers couches, etc.

Students who wish to give their used stuff to SurPLUs can bring it in during the hours it’s open on Tuesday and Thursday.

“I think SurPLUs opening is paramount in our efforts to allow sustainability to flourish on campus and provide a fun way to integrate sustainability into campus culture,” said senior Bailey Smith the logistics coordinator for SurPLUs.

After a year off, the store returns with a new manager, excited to take on the challenge.

Sophomore Ben Accord became the general manager of SurPLUs at the end of the summer.

“I’ve found a calling for this,” Accord said. “I feel blessed ”

He began working for PLU Sustainability this summer. When he helped move a lot of furniture out of Foss. He said he was “curious” about where it all went, which is when he expressed interest in working for SurPLUs.
Accord says he has three goals for SurPLUs as it opens up this year.

“Our monetary goal is to make $10,000 dollars,” Accord said.In addition, he said he wants students to see it as a “valuable asset to have” and for it to “increase waste diversion on campus.”

Accord receives a lot of items, which he filters through, finding a way to sell it all.

“There’s a field hockey set that came in that I’m selling now,” he continues. “I’m selling partition boards, somebody could put together a cubicle in their dorm room if they wanted.”

So if you want to wear your granddad’s clothes, looking incredible with that coat from down the road, SurPLUs fills that desire. 🅼

Samantha Lund

Samantha Lund was the Editor in Chief at The Mast, a student-run newsroom within Pacific Lutheran University, in 2015-16. Lund created Mast Magazine in 2015 to give students a forum for long form news pieces. She could be found writing for Pacific Lutheran University's Marketing and Communication site or interning at MOViN 92.9's morning talk show in Seattle. Other places to find her content include: Alaska Airlines blog and website, The News Tribune and The Bremerton Harald.

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