We’re gearing up for the 2015-2016 school year with a lot of new changes and exciting experiments. Our mission is to bring you news, entertainment and answers faster than any other campus organization. Not only that, but we want all of that information to be right at your fingertips. Finding news should be no harder than Snapchatting your friend or checking your Instagram feed.

One of the biggest changes we’ve made is by losing “The Mooring Mast” and “Mast TV” yes, both will still exist but we’re converging the two and creating Mast Media – a fully-functioning media conglomerate with print, television, social media and event support. We’re looking to do more projects and expand rather than get caught up in print vs. television. Instead, our aim will be to bring our audience news in ways you actually want to get it.

In that spirit, here are some changes starting right now. Right this second, no questions asked. Really. Go check it out.

New and exciting mediums

We’re branching out, we’ve had mastmedia.plu.edu, our student-run online news source for a while. But, we know going online and remembering that URL to check for any updates might not be on top of your list of “To-Do’s.” So instead, we want you to get all the same information through your normal social channels.

Facebook: We’ve had our Facebook for quite some time, but instead of posting weekly news updates, we will post daily. Our Facebook will also host contests and give out prizes so make sure you’re following it!

Instagram: As of July 2015, our Instagram @mastmedia is up and running! When you’re swiping through your friends’ feeds you can now check out stuff happening around campus AND you might see a few coupons or discounts scrolling by your screen. But you can only get them by following us! Seriously, just do it. @mastmedia.

Twitter: This might be, hands down, the most exciting announcement we’ve had in a while. Our twitter has been life for a while, but we’re making some changes. As July 2015, we have  a new and improved system. Now, students or anyone really can tweet at us a question and we will answer it. No matter what, 24/7, we’ve got your back. Check us out @PLUMast.

Lost on campus and can’t find your class the first week of school? Tweet at us and we’ll help you out. Not sure what is being served for lunch today? Tweet at us and we’ll tell you. Seriously, it’s that easy. And it’s live now, so go ahead and try it out. Do it, right now. You’ll get a response.

Snapchat: We’re pretty excited about this one too. We now have a fully-functioning Snapchat account. Do you like your news in pictures? Follow us on Snapchat! Not only will we post stories about events going on around campus, but we’ll snap you back if you have a question or just want to say hi! Our account is mastmedia – you can snap us anytime and see who’s manning our media that day.


New Editorial Board and Leadership

Editor in Chief: Samantha Lund

Editor in Chief is the term used for someone who manages a newspaper or other print publication. This year, Samantha Lund, after serving the mast staff for 2 years, is taking over as the Editor in Chief of print media.

Some changes she’s looking to make: Lund wants to bring “Mast Magazine” to PLU along with the traditional Mooring Mast. She also wants to expand to social media and create a following with students like never before.

This year, Lund wants to work with graphic designers, writers and sever majors within PLU to create a well-rounded publication that is not just Journalism students.

General Manager: Matthew Salzano

General Manager is a term used for the head of a broadcast station. After working under Allie Reynolds for one year, Matthew Salzano is taking over Mast TV for the first semester. Then, he will be traveling to Oxford to study abroad.

In the semester he has here, Salzano wants to create a Mast TV following and host a more relatable station that students will turn in to watch for news and entertainment.

Salzano also wants to work with students of every major to create a dynamic show rather than only journalism-driven content.

Content Editors:

Steven McGrain: Sports

David Mair: Opinion and News

Brooke Thames: Arts and Entertainment

Genny Boots: Mast TV


10414445_10152920309874721_7869489922386275618_nNew Technology

For Mast TV, in addition to having numerous DSLR cameras and camcorders for students to check out, Mast TV stocks its studio with equipment for its live shows like News @ Nine. Last spring, two iPads and teleprompter stands arrived in the office to make for a better anchor experience as well as a more professional-looking newscast. Come Thursdays at 8 p.m. to volunteer and try them out!


We’re looking for new more talent! Actors, writers, bloggers, people who love music or sports, or people who simply like to be around other people! Come! We pay in class credits and free trips to places like LA, Austin and New York!

We need all hands on deck: graphic designers, writers, actors, anchors, PR representatives, social media lovers and more.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of Mast Media and we’re excited to extend an invitation to everyone.

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