Halloween is upon us. It’s a time for the unusual, the interesting, the bizarre and the first full issue of Mast Magazine. With this issue, we had one simple mission: to “wow” each and every person who picked it up.
Whether you’re looking to be inspired by a student’s story, intoxicated by a tale of parties or inspired by student creativity, this issue has a story for you.
Over the last few weeks we’ve had an outpouring of support from faculty and staff, which has been truly appreciated. I feel blessed everyday to have that encouragement. This issue, however, is presented as a more student-friendly publication.
When my team and I sat down to plan stories for our first issue we asked one simple question: “What would we want to read?” We let that question carry us forward throughout our production of this publication. Now, this Mast Magazine is in your hands. You can decide: did we get your attention?
Did my 48-hour party bender in the name of “research” or Thomas & Molly’s look into the grossest things happening on campus make you stop and read? Hopefully Brooke’s take on body modification on-campus sparks creativity and understanding in you. Or, if that’s just not your style, I hope you at least take the time to read about Nathan Olson, who is overcoming the setbacks he’s faced with autism to finally get his college degree.
I hope you enjoy reading this magazine half as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it.
This is just the beginning for Mast Media and Mast Magazine, but you’re the true key in making this magazine a success. The ball is in your court now.

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Samantha Lund was the Editor in Chief at The Mast, a student-run newsroom within Pacific Lutheran University, in 2015-16. Lund created Mast Magazine in 2015 to give students a forum for long form news pieces. She could be found writing for Pacific Lutheran University's Marketing and Communication site or interning at MOViN 92.9's morning talk show in Seattle. Other places to find her content include: Alaska Airlines blog and website, The News Tribune and The Bremerton Harald.