Chloe Choi
Business & Ads Manager

Thank you to The Mast staff for supporting and helping me these past few months. The experience has been eye opening, learning about the paper and all the work that goes into creating it. The Business & Ads manager is a unique position, but I have been pleased to realize it is not completely detached either from the other sections.

I am grateful for this opportunity and I am happy to have had the freedom to organize and collaborate with others, while maintaining structure. Working with The Mast gave me the flexibility to learn more about my job, but also experience the other side through journalism. I have enjoyed the opportunity to develop skills, but also to get to know other professionals who are the main voice on campus.

I am aiming to go into government and/or nonprofit accounting for my career aspirations. I would someday like to have an apartment with my own library and live in an area that actually gets snow once in a while. It has been a great semester and I will miss the quirkiness! ◼︎

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