D.J. Winter, Guest Writer

You never want to start out the season off with a loss but that is how the first game played out for us.
We traveled down to California Lutheran to play the Kingsmen and played a decent game, but in the end we ended up making too many mistakes.
This has, in a way, propelled us and has been a great learning experience for us leading further down the road into the season.
The loss has also motivated us that much more to strive for excellence and we could not be more excited to open our home season this weekend against Trinity from Texas. It’s going to be nice to be in front of our home fans finally and have some great support.
Speaking from an offensive perspective, I know we are going to execute better because a lot of the mistakes. We made just little errors, each and every week we will continue to get better.
By the end of the season, we will be getting so close to peak performing that it will take a pretty good team to beat us when were at our best.
Defensively, there always guaranteed to fly around and make plays which they did in our first game.
Just like offense, they made mistakes too and they recognize that and are working to fix those.
We all have trust that they will admit it, learn from it, and fix it. Year in and year out, the Northwest Conference is one of the best in the nation.
Looking forward, there is never going to be an easy game at this level, especially in the Northwest Conference.
As I said before though, when we keep getting better every week the standings take care of themselves and we are always competing for a conference championship.
I hope to see everyone out there this weekend wearing their black and gold. ◼︎

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