by Brooke Wolfe, Staff Writer

Official results for the  the 2015-2016 President and Vice President of the Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University (ASPLU) will come out tomorrow.

All current students were invited to cast their vote online for the next year’s representation. Votes were cast for Devin Harrison and Martha Spieker for ASPLU President along with Ellie Lapp and Ashley Connors for Vice President.

Two of the four will be chosen to represent the study body in front of faculty, alumni and the community. Once the votes are tallied, April 1st will be their first day in office. Throughout the entire month of April the new President and Vice President will be training alongside the current nominated students in those positions. Sarah Smith and Dan Stell are the current ASPLU President and Vice President and will be in charge of training the students taking their place.

ASPLU has a major voice on campus that is not often recognized. Students in ASPLU sit on the Board of Regents and faculty boards for each department.

“They expect us to say what students are thinking,” said Dan Stell ASPLU Vice President. “ASPLU is impactful.”

Last year Smith and Stell brought student concerns about the rising tuition to the Board of Regents. After hearing Smith speak on the issue, the board decided to hold multiple meetings that all students could attend which explained what the each rise was paying for in the next year’s budget.

Making decisions more transparent was a goal for the 2014-2015 elected officials for ASPLU and this trend is continuing for these elections.

“We can start with basic things,” said Senator and Vice Presidential candidate Ellie Lapp. “There is not always communication throughout ASPLU.”

Getting involved can vary from student to student. Not all positions are elected, and simply coming to the weekly meetings can help ensure your voice being heard.

“Within the next year there will be a lot of changes,” said Presidential candidate Martha Spieker. “ASPLU is moving towards advocacy based, advocating for the students.”

Having Lutes from every area of campus present at meetings fosters a welcoming and complete point of view from students to the rest of campus.

Currently 19 student senators represent more 3500 students. Today’s elections are the first step in starting next year’s legacy. Changing PLU begins with the ASPLU President and Vice President and continues throughout each Lute on and off campus.

ASPLU meetings are Tuesdays nights are 6:30pm, for more information of the weekly location and how to get involved email

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