Senior Terrel Williams averaged 4.6 points a game for the lutes during the 2014-15 season.

DAVID MAIR, Staff Writer

To make sure that her boy stayed active and out of trouble, a caring mother made the decision to have her son play basketball.

Though what she did not know 17 years ago was that she was really handing her son his passion.

Now, when team captain and senior Terrell Williams dribbles the ball down the court, he stands 6 feet tall with a passion for the game that he truly loves.

When he was just a first-year, Williams had the opportunity to shadow the senior point guard at the time James Conti.

“[Conti] was a great role model for me,” said Williams, “I was able to learn a lot from him that has helped me in my playing since then.”

During his sophomore year Williams was included even more and began his transformation into a strong leader on the team.

During his sophomore year he started in 11 out of 21 games and scored a total of 59 points over the course of the 2012-13 season.

Williams became even more impactful as he scored 167 points the following season, starting in 11 out of 25 games.

Finishing off his last season, he remarks that it’s his “competitiveness” which he brings most to the court, along with being a “leader.”

“Williams has been a leader in our program ever since he set foot on the campus of PLU, said Coach Dickerson.

“He has performed admirably in the class room, on the court, and he has set an example for all of our young players as to what a true student-athlete really is.”

“I have never had a player work harder in the class room, in the weight room, and on the court. Terrell has been the true definition of what a team captain is and should be,” continued Dickerson.

The team started out rocky this year beginning the season 1-5 after just six games. But they ended the season 6-6 at home and 1-8 away.

As Williams put it they were able to “pull themselves out” and play their “best basketball.”

Although it would be incredibly awesome to go pro Williams acknowledges that realistically it will not be likely.

“I live in the moment and take it as it comes,” Williams said. “I haven’t done much research on it [going into the National Basketball Association] but if the opportunity arose I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

For now, he plans to use his business major to go into sports marketing at a business in Seattle.

Reflectioning on his time playing on PLU’s court these past four years, Williams said he’s realized that he’s, “gained a better appreciation for those in [his] life,” and has realized “to enjoy the moments.” ◼︎

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